Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Damn You, Isaac Mizrahi!

(Left: my cute new jacket by Isaac Mizrahi, which I needed like a HOLE IN MY HEAD.)

I am powerless against your line of cute, cheap couture for Target.

I went to Target on an innocent mission last night – to buy a bottle of Target-brand ibuprofen for my aching head. By the way, a bottle of 24 is on sale for 97 cents.

That was ALL I WAS GOING TO BUY. But, like the lemming I am, I trotted over to the sales racks in the women’s clothing department, just to see what was up. It calls to me, like a big, giant cliff top.

And there it was, the Isaac Mizrahi jacket I have coveted (even though the Bible tells me not to) for the last 4 months. On sale. For 50% OFF. It went from $39.99 down to $19.98. Worst of all, they had it in my size. How could I pass it by?

Well, as evidenced by the picture above, I didn’t. I snatched that puppy up and scurried right quick to the cash register, cackling with glee.

I love this jacket. You can dress it up, you can dress it down, you can wear it to teach Real Estate Pre-licensing classes… which is what I plan to do this weekend.

Best of all (besides the awesome price tag), it’s SHINY. No, for real. There is a thread of shiny stuff woven into the material. It’s so subtle, you probably can’t see it in the picture, but it’s there. And it is FABULOUS.


George said...

The title of this blog really should be "Damn You, Target!" I don't know how many times I've gone in there just to buy one thing and come out with crap I didn't intend on buying while I was there. The lure of the dollar bin is really hard to ignore.

Yesterday, I went in just to buy SOS pads and a workout shirt. I almost bought another winter coat - with a detachable "fur" collar on clearance for $14.98. Luckily, for my pocketbook, it made me look really fat and it was missing a button hole.

Everyone has fallen for the siren calls within Target after stepping inside. But I like that if you ever have buyer's remorse, you have 3 months to return it.

Larue said...

Seriously. Once you have coveted someone else's leather chairs for 12 YEARS you can come and talk to me about being serious about coveting.

Also, Target might possibly be the devil. Now that we have the shiny new SuperTarget, we can also be persuaded to purchase food while we are there. Because I need to buy a flourless chocolate torte while purchasing socks, you know?

Think of the luckiness of my friend Lori, who works for Target. She gets a DISCOUNT.

Your coat is very shiny, and lovely. As Isaac really hasn't made much to make my butt look good yet, I am not so enthralled with him. I am in love with those Merona t-shirts though. (LONG! LEAN! CHEAP! WASHES WELL!)

And I agree with George on returns. Especially since you don't have to have the receipt.

Anonymous said...

Oooooh. Isaac. It is so fun to go anywhere and just HAPPEN to find something you adore, have adored, have watched, and finally it is ON sale. As Homer would say, "ooooooh."