Thursday, January 24, 2008

Feel The Love. But Don't Get All Grabby. (Revised 1/25/08)

Tip For The Day: Thank yous, shout-outs and Readers’ Tips – a whole manner of thrifty, smile-on-your-brother goodness.

Tip For Tomorrow: A long overdue beauty product review of Dove Cream Oil Body Wash, and a beauty store review of Ulta. I’m just trying to make the world a prettier place for all.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deals: Before we begin the frugal bacchanal, I have to pause for a moment and give thanks to Fox-9 News, Richelle McGinnis, and cameraman Peter. Thank you for my in-depth interview yesterday – you guys are utterly fabulous. And Richelle, you are as pretty as you were when I knew you in high school, lo these many years ago.

My second thank you goes to the Cooper Lawrence Show on FM 107, 7 to 10 PM, Monday thru Friday. I called in last night, told her about my blog, and she may (MAY, nothing is definite, so simmer down now) have me on-air to expound on all things thrifty. If that happens, I shall die with joy. I totally heart Cooper, plus her show is syndicated nationally. Thus, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL HEAR MY TEACHINGS. Or, at least, the section of the world that syndicates her show.

Now on to the shout-outs. Here is just a sampling of frugal bloggers, shopping bloggers, bloggers who recommend beauty products and bloggers who are freakin’ fabulous writers. Check out the following sites for more good times:
1. All sorts of frugal ideas, to promote further acts of thrift.
2. Clearly a blog I need to visit often, seeing as how I am lacking in the womanly arts.
3. Warning: this site plays good music, so turn down your speakers if you’re at work. If you’re looking for a cool coupons and good deals, look here.
4. Another fabulous site with great shopping steals and deals.
5. One woman's quest to save the heck out of her money. Plus, there are coupons!
6. SAHMmy is a stay at home mom, which I hear is a tough and thankless job. We should probably all send her shoes.
7. For excellent beauty product reviews, including stuff that cost more than $20, go here. BB also gave me a lovely shout-out yesterday, so we love her best.
8. TundraBabe has been a long-time supporter of Cheap Chick, and I have now tracked down her most awesome website. She is both thrifty and from the Midwest AND a fab writer. In short, she is perfect.
9. I love that Michelle can’t wait to be thirty. I, on the other hand, am so OVER being in my thirties. I would like to revisit 25 for awhile, just to remember what it was like to not have wrinkles. Michelle is a fabulous writer, so stop by her blog.
10. BEST WRITER EVER. SERIOUSLY. Plus, she is interviewing me in March, so we also love Mrs. G best.

Readers’ Tips – thrifty tips from readers like you. God, I sound like PBS.
1. From Norbert (yes, that’s his real name): “To adapt your analog TV to make it digital-ready by February 2009, call 888-388-2009 or go to before Jan.31, 2008 for a $40.00 rebate. Two per household.”
2. From Bionic Beauty: “I just saw your sidebar about how to store plastic bags. I keep mine for reusing too, but I found another way to store them – not quite as stylish as the IKEA one (Rationell Variera, $1.99), but it ‘reuses’ stuff from my house I already have. Just use one of the Coke fridge pack boxes. Stuff in the bags, and they feed out of the opening really well. When the box gets floppy (I usually switch mine out twice a year), just replace with a new one and recycle the old.”
3. From Larue: . The coolest organization store. LOTS of stuff under $20.00, and their sale section has things like notepads by Kate Spade, etc., for under $10.00. Very cool.”

Larue is nothing if not succinct.

So there you have it – things to read and stuff to do. Now you can’t say I never gave you anything.


Bionic Beauty said...

Congrats on the Fox interview, that's HUGE! And be sure to let me know how the other pans out. Of course, a big thanks for the mention. :) keep on, keepin' on (or something like that...) lol

All the best,
aka Bionic

LaRue said...

I am not only succinct, I am SO COOL that you should feel it an honor to hang with me. Truly. And seejanework is a fab site.

I love being 36. I have no desire to revisit 25, but I would like to inhabit my body from 20. It was in such good shape. My breasts weren't saggy, my ass wasn't saggy, and gravity had not yet affected the skin on my upper arms.

Ah. Good times.

Tundrababe said...

Awesome - I hope the whole world does hear your teachings! Thanks for the list of links, I've been looking for more thrifty sites. I even started my own - you inspired me! I need to go give you a shout-out.

That plastic bag holder idea is awesome. I have all mine stuffed in a paper bag, and that bag is overflowing. Another thrifty tip - sometimes the big cube of soda is cheaper than a couple of fridge packs. I save the fridge packs and refill them with soda from the cube. How cheap is that?

lynnae @ said...

Thanks for the mention! And congrats on your interview! That's really cool!

SAHMmy Says said...

Congratulations on your TV interview! That oughtta hold you til Oprah calls :) I appreciate the link love; LOL how did you know SAHMmies live in flipflops? Do send shoes!