Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Warning: I am NOT wearing make-up in this picture. That’s what I look like sans spackle and paint. Ugh.

So, as I’ve informed you all AT LEAST a billion times, I’m being filmed today by the lovely folks at Fox-9 News. As such, there was much planning of wardrobe and trying on of clothes at Cheap Chick Headquarters this morning. I’m still not 100% happy, but I gotta stop before I drive myself insane. Or rather, even more insane than I currently am.

Here is what I’m wearing for my second (SECOND!) TV appearance:

1. The Isaac Mizrahi jacket from Target. $19.99
2. A white Gap tank I found at a garage sale. 10 cents
3. Charcoal gray pants by New York and Co., from Saver’s in Bloomington. $4.99 for the pants, $10 to have the zip replaced. Thanks, Cheryl!
4. Black Merona pointy-toed loafers from Target. $22.99 – but I got them three years ago.
5. Silver and pearl necklace from Nu Look. $5
6. Black leather purse by The Limited, from Nu Look. $12

Total cost for the outfit (not including my undies and bra)? $75.07

Now I have to go and clean my house before the reporter gets there. And, of course, slap on at least a POUND of make-up.


George said...

Cute outfit! What are you going to do when Isaac moves to Ann Taylor? Hopefully, the prices of his clothes will still remain affordable, or you'll have to stalk the racks for clearance items.

And I've seen you without the spackle before and I think you look beautiful. I'm not just saying that because I'm your friend. You are a natural beauty. So there.

Good luck with the show today. I don't have it ready to record on my DVR, but I'm sure I can catch it online or watch it at your birthday party. :)

The Cheap Chick said...

Well, I'm not actually going to be on the TV today, it will air sometime next week. Maybe the day of my party! Then we can all watch it together! When we're drunk! And then we can dance. Fun.

Thank you, you are pretty just the way you are TOO.

Last, I don't want to talk about Isaac's move. I'm too upset about it.

Larue said...

I agree with George. Like you need make-up. Sheesh.

Lovely outfit. I believe I was with you when you bought about half that stuff. I think that means I have a problem...

Good luck being all fabulous on TV.

Lylah said...

Hi adorable you look! Thanks for stopping by MMM blog and for your lovely e-note to my box. I what your doing here with the concept of only spending $20. Keep me posted on how you're doing!


tundrababe said...

I like your outfit! You look fabulous without makeup. Good luck at the show!

Jennifer said...

I am going to agree with everyone and say that you look AWESOMeE without any makeup,a natural beauty lucky you,lol! Great idea with your $20 challenge and I applaud your efforts, keep up the good work:)

Michelle said...

Great outfit for your interview! I love the jacket. I hope it went well!

Tiff said...

Your picture is sooooo cute! Who took it? You look good without makeup! You are lucky!!!

I am so glad I have a fellow Aquarius in the office!!

Anonymous said...

You are obviously well rested and uninterrupted of sleep. You look beautiful and radient without make-up. Fantastic outfit. Bravo. I would like to consult with you on my own wardrobe, since Clinton and Stacy haven't stopped by my house yet.