Friday, January 4, 2008

Cover Your Butt, For Cheap

Tip Of The Day: Places to shop, provided by readers and friends. Thank you to everyone for shopping cheap and keeping me in bidness.

Tip For Tomorrow: Learn how my trainer is trying to MURDER ME WITH EXERCISE, and pick up some creative and cheap ways to work out this winter.

Further Elucidation Of Everyone Else’s Cheap Deals: In no particular order, here are the stores you’ve been telling me about.

1. Marshall’s, at Northtown and Maple Grove. My coworker, Sarah, found the cutest BCBG sweaters for $25 and under, including an adorable poufy-sleeved v-neck number that I think I must steal from her. Her mom found gorgeous black leather boots and then actually GAVE THEM AWAY to Sarah, for Christmas. Now that is love. Sarah also has good luck at Forever 21, but she is a size 2, so you and I will have to either go up a size or keep looking.

2. Nu Look’s Clearance Sale, January 10th. My friend Larue has pestered me to write about this sale for days. So here you go – stop by Nu Look, located on 50th and Penn, and you’ll find everything 50% off. I will also follow up with you gentle readers about the sale, once I’ve checked it out with mine-own eyes. Last time I went, I found Enzo shoes, never worn, for $6. I kept them on my dresser for days, just so I could look at them.

3. Talbot’s Outlet in Burnsville. Normally I don’t do much outletting, but Amy The Mom wrote a glowing review of the store, so I felt it deserved a shout-out. They carry a variety of sizes, make quality clothes and accessories, and even have stuff for the kids. Plus, you can swing by Unique while you’re in the area - my friend Lou’s fave thrift boutique.

4. Fun Sisters, in Minneapolis and Stillwater. The Fun Sisters will be in town January 9th through the 13th in Minneapolis, and this weekend in Stillwater. My coworker, Ronda, is a Fun Sisters fan, and rightfully so. If you need a shiny-something-pick-me-up, especially now that the post-holiday slump has descended, you need Fun Sisters.

5. JCPenney’s Super Weekend Sale, 30-70% off. Michelle let me know about this great sale, running from yesterday until the 7th. As I’ve mentioned before, if you haven’t been to Penney’s in 5 or 6 years, you NEED to go back. They have cute, well-made, on-trend clothes that always go on sale. This isn’t your mama’s Penney’s anymore. Although, yes, they still carry clothing for the… older set, shall we say?

Thank you for the tips – now I know what I’m doing this weekend. Spending even MORE money I don’t have! Yay! Credit card debt is fun.

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You make me laugh. "Bacony" is a first and full of information. bacon is God's gift to . . . to . . . us.