Saturday, January 5, 2008

Break Out The Ice Skates

Hell has officially frozen over.

Quickie News About Shopping, Not To Be Confused With The Promised Post About Exercise: I picked up a copy of Lucky Magazine last night at Target, after waffling between it and Us Weekly (Diet Tips From The Stars! Who can pass that up?). And lo, in the Shopping Report, they finally, FINALLY, mentioned Minneapolis.

Holy Toledo.

Granted, they began the article by stating that our home town had a "once-staid shopping scene," but I quickly got over that teeny-tiny bit of snark. Except, hello? Which state brought you the glory that is Target? Exactly.

They go on to highlight 12 boutiques in Minneapolis, such as Bluebird on 50th and France, Ivy on Hennepin, and the store I NEED to see - Covered in Dinkytown. This store write-up contained my two favorite words: under $100. Or is that three? Anywho, it sounds cheap and fabulous.

Saint Paul, as usual, got the shaft. They only mentioned 3 stores - two of which were already on my list of must-sees: Karma (with the key word, affordable, in its write-up) and Stephanie's. I think Steph’s might be out of my price range, but I can go and drool, right?

Thank you Lucky, for recognizing our shopping greatness! Now, the rest of you, go buy a copy of Lucky and show your love. Then get to shopping and support the Twin Cities’ boutiques. Think of it as putting money into our local economy, if you need to justify your ever-increasing credit card debt.

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Larue said...

No, silly, not Toledo. MINNEAPOLIS. For Pete's Sake.

I do want to go check out those boutiques. However, I am feeling even more cheap than you at the moment.

How about free? Is free good? Where can I find free?

Oh, and my 80's Mix CD ROCKS. (insert RAWK hand gesture here)