Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Nothing Is Amusing This Early In The Morning

I promised you a post on how to stay healthy for cheap, and I WILL deliver that post at some point in time during the day. However, my brain at 7 AM is little more than sludge, and I cannot, CANNOT, SIMPLY CANNOT be funny or witty or even remotely intelligent this early in the day.

Which does not bode well for my real estate students, whom I must start teaching in just two short hours. Oh well, who really wants to be a Realtor in this market anyway?

But enough of my sniveling, here is what you can look forward to reading this afternoon – my internal debate over renewing my gym membership; how I saved money on the dentist; and how I’ve never been billed for my visit to the Minute Clinic last year. In short, health! It’s not just your least favorite class in high school any more!
So please, try to contain your excitement and anticipation until approximately 5:30 PM. Thank you, and if you’ll excuse me, I must begin mainlining caffeine.


LaRue said...

Actually, math was my least favorite class. Although having health with Mr. D did suck.

And G woke me up at 3:30 this AM because of a tragedy involving the dog scratching her foot. So 7am sounds MIGHTY good to me, yessirree!

Enjoy your mocha frappa vente whipped caramel braviatto espresso coffee.

Michelle said...

I can't be funny or amusing early in the morning, either. I am impressed that you could string together sentences....that would be a challenge for me that early. :)

The Cheap Chick said...

Thanks for the support, Michelle! By the way, don't forget that I'm already 35 - you'll love being in your thirties, too!