Friday, February 1, 2008

I Don't Mind Being A Spinster, I Just Don't Wanna LOOK Like One

Tip Of The Day: The quest for youth, with a little help from Neutrogena’s Deep Wrinkle Eye Revitalizing Treatment. Plus pictures (finally!) of what I bought at Saver’s on my fateful shopping trip with Fox 9 News (see above).

Tip For Tomorrow: Fun Sisters Stillwater – is it more fun than the Fun in Minneapolis? Let's find out, shall we?

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: You know what I hate? Well, many things – war, disease, famine, American Idol, mouth-breathers – but what drives me up a tree (for the moment) are the incredibly LONG names cosmetic companies give their products.

Case in point, here is the full name of the product I’m reviewing today: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Intensive Eye Cream, Deep Wrinkle Eye Revitalizing Treatment.

Are all those words really necessary? Do words on the outside make the stuff inside work better/harder/faster? “We were going to be another empty promise, doing nothing for your skin, but now? Now we have all these words, words, WORDS goading us into perfection! So I guess we’ll work after all, you lucky bastard.” Somehow, I doubt it.

Regardless of the stupidly long name, the product itself works great. It absorbs quickly, isn’t greasy, doesn’t sting my eyes or skin, and seems to already be working after just two applications. Plus, the tube is .5 oz, big enough so you don’t feel ripped off, and long-lasting enough to do some good before you run out.

The Treatment has Retinol to undo damage and Hyaluronic Acid (the very best moisturizer, ask any dermo) to plump the look of fine lines. All this wrinkle-zapping goodness can be yours for only $17.99.

A note on hyaluronic acid: I checked the ingredient lists of the Oil of Olay and Loreal Paris products, and the Treatment is the only one I found that lists H.A. I know department store brands use it, but the price tag will be a LOT larger than $20.

What I Bought On TV: While shopping with Richelle, I purchased yet another hobo bag. This incessant purse-buying is becoming a sickness in me.

However, this hobo bag is completely different than the one I got at Nu Look. It’s BROWN not black, it’s VELVET not suede, and it was CHEAPER. Only $6.99.

The little vase dealy (see above) is Red Wing Pottery, which I collect. And it is damn hard to find at an antique store, let alone Saver’s. That cute thing was only $5.99, and now lives in my china hutch with its brethren.

Thank You For The Day: I need to give a huge, heartfelt thank you to my friend Sangeeta. She just got back from India, and I think she brought ALL the shiny objects home with her as gifts for my office.

It was like a Bollywood Christmas up in there, with the scarves and the shawls and the jewelry and the tops and the “oh my God I LOVE this.” I got two gorgeous embroidered tunics, one red with cream embroidery, and one green and gold stripe with sparkly trim. I feel very East meets West in them. Next time, I’m going with her, so we can get even MORE loot. Thank you again, Sangeeta!

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tundrababe said...

Congrats on the video. I showed up on your chat! That was fun.

I want to be friends with Sangeeta too! Thanks for the Neutrogena tip.

Say, you kept getting a little red ! mark by my Bloglines feed - your Atom feed quit working! Can you get Blogger to fix it?