Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lists A Go-Go Part Three: Fabulous And Cheap Stores You Must Check Out. I Insist.

Tip For The Day: Still more lists for you. Cool and cheap stores in and around the TC.

Tip For Tomorrow: A brief respite from Listmania, so I don’t go all Britney on you. What I’m wearing for my next (!) television appearance, where I bought it, and what I paid for it. This shopping spree is brought to you by my dad and the birthday money he sent me. Thanks, Dad!

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Seriously? This ‘week of lists’ idea is getting OLD. I prefer actual shopping to researching shopping. Research is dull, and doesn’t result in my acquiring new shiny objects. Which sucks.

However, as much as I am not having any sort of fun, I have a self-imposed job to do. So here we go, the third list – Cool and Cheap Stores. Some stores buy your stuff and resell it, some have both used and new stuff, some have vintage stuff, and some are a combo of all three. All are fabulous, and contain items that I WANT, many of which can be had for under $20.

The List:
1. Es’Cargo
, , St. Louis Park
- Estate and new furnishings. High-end, lovely, I-want-one-of-each stuff.
2. Tatters, no website, Minneapolis
- Rock and roll clothing, both new and used.
3. Ragstock,, Uptown, Northtown Mall, Mall of America, Golden Valley, Rosedale, Burnsville Mall
- New and used clothes, great place to get costumes, too.
4. Steeple People’s Surplus Store, no website, Minneapolis
- They accept donations, too.
5. Everyday People Clothing,, Uptown and Dinkytown
- They buy your clothes from you ON THE SPOT, like Half Price Books does with your books.
- Their pay out is 50% of the items’ value in store credit, or 30% value in cash.
- Now accepting vintage in good condition, and recent (3 years or less) brand name items.
6. Earth Exchange,, Maple Grove
- They buy your furniture and home furnishings at 40% of the retail value.
- They also have clothing for sale.
- Check their website for coupons and even more deals.
7. Via’s Vintage, (but it’s under construction), Minneapolis
- Clothing, accessories, lingerie (oolala!), men’s stuff, too.
8. Lula, no website, Saint Paul
- Vintage apparel in a cute, wee store. I really like this place – it has a fun vibe.
9. Half Price Books,, Apple Valley, Coon Rapids, Crystal, Maplewood, Roseville, St. Louis Park, St. Paul
- They buy and sell your books, movies and music.
- New and used merchandise, fantastic staff.
10. Cheapo Discs,, St. Paul, Fridley, Minneapolis
- They buy and sell your music and movies.
- New and used merch, also a fantastic staff.
11. Know Name Records,, Minneapolis
- I’ve been selling my old music here since I was a tiny Chicklet.
- Come for the great music, stay for the trippy 60’s atmosphere. Lovely.
12. Paperback Exchange, no website, Minneapolis – across the street from Nu Look
- They take your paperbacks and give you store credit.
- Great place to find every romance novel ever written.
13. Electric Fetus,, Minneapolis
- Great place for music, lifestyle items, clothing, gifts, etc.
14. Down In The Valley,, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, Crystal, Wayzata
- They sell music and lifestyle stuff.
- Fantastic ambiance, if you like that hippy aesthetic, which I do.

So there you go. A list. Of stuff. The end. No list for tomorrow, my brain cannot take it one minute more.

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