Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Listapalooza Part Two: Consignment Stores in the TC

Tip Of The Day: And yet another list. JUST FOR YOU. Consignment shops in the TC.

Tip For Tomorrow: All the cool cheap shops that didn’t fit on my first two lists. Stores like Ragstock and Tatters. Why? BECAUSE I CARE ABOUT YOU, DAMMIT. And I want you to be able to shop freely and cheaply and stuff like that.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Okay, not to whine and moan at you people, but dang! Making lists is HARD. I thought this would be a nice and easy blogging week, but I was sorely mistaken. Silly me, I should have done something like ‘a week of beauty product reviews.’ That would have been a piece of cake next to concocting lists. List-making requires Internet research and phone calls and WORK. Clearly, that is NOT what I signed up for when I started this here blog…

Alright, that’s it, I’m done whining now. No, really, I am. I promise, no more bitching about how hard this project was, is, and will be. On to the list!

Today’s list is consignment stores. And like yesterday, I am in NO WAY promising you that I’ve included every single consignment store that exists in the TC.

What I am promising you is this: stores that are open for business, which bill themselves as consignment, and exist somewhere in the metropolitan area. Quick refresher: consignment stores are where you bring your stuff to be sold. They sell it, you make money on the sale (not a ton, but it’s more than you started with, right?), you buy more stuff, and everybody is happy. It’s the circle of life, retail-style.

Once again, if you can think of a consignment store that I’ve missed, please let us know. You can write about it in the comments section. All I ask is that you refrain from mocking me for my omission. Thank you.

The List:
1. Turn Style Consignment Stores,
- South Mpls, Plymouth, Coon Rapids, Crystal, Eden Prairie, Highland Park, Roseville, St. Paul
2. Plato’s Closet (for the teens in your life),
- Coon Rapids, Burnsville, Maple Grove, Roseville, Eden Prairie, Minnetonka, Woodbury
3. Once Upon A Child (for the kids in your life),
- Anoka, Eden Prairie, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Roseville, Shakopee, Burnsville, Maplewood, St. Louis Park, Spring Lake Park, Woodbury
4. Plums Plus Size,
- NE Minneapolis
5. Nu Look Consignment Apparel - My MPLS favorite,
- SW Minneapolis
6. Another Look Resale Boutique – SW Minneapolis
7. Elite Repeat - My St. Paul favorite,
- Saint Paul
8. Rodeo Drive Consignment Boutique – St. Louis Park
9. Mainstreet Consignment – Hopkins
10. Classy Consignments Bridal (okay, they DO have some new, but I wanted a bridal store on the list),
- Anoka
11. Fashion Exchange Consignment – Eagan
12. Upscale Consignment Shop,
- Woodbury

There you have it. 12 stores, a ton o’ locations, and my BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS. Enjoy the list, and come back to Cheap But Not Easy tomorrow for even more lists. That is, if I don’t die of exhaustion first.


LaRue said...

I've been to the Rodeo Drive store, and it is even more upscale than Elite Repeat. I am rather fond of Nu Look, OUAC and Plato's Closet (all the Abercrombie you can shake a stick at without photos of naked youths staring you in the face).

I have read of a blogger who actually goes to thrift stores on their $1.00 days, buys clothing, and brings it to the consignment store where she then makes more money off of them. An interesting system.

Thank you for the pain and suffering. I swear I smell a Christ Theme in your writing here.

The Material Girl said...

Waaaaah. Poor you. I do not feel your pain. So there.

Dermaskin said...

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