Tuesday, February 26, 2008


No post today. It has been an extremely trying day for the Chick, and it hasn't been cheap, either. So, off to bed I go, to rise again in the morning filled with renewed zeal and frugality. In other words, I'll post tomorrow.

By the way, it does you no good to have a cell phone in case of emergency, if your cell phone runs out of juice during the emergency. I'm just saying.

Also, whatever happened to pay phones? What are you supposed to use if your cell phone goes dead? Smoke signals?

I miss those little red phone huts they have in England. They seem to exist on every road - even the dodgy dead-end ones in Fort William, Scotland. Yet another reason to move to England, I guess. That, and it's where Daniel Craig lives. Yum.


Anonymous said...

Trying days are no fun. Especially when you can't find a payphone. Are those "shake to regenerate" cell phone batteries any good? How 'bout the wind up ones? Hope tomorrow is better

jilly said...

Whatever you do, do not put your credit card into a payphone. I am still trying to deal with 10 $100 charges to my card while trying to get my cell phone delivered to me at the airport after I left it in my car. . . pay phones are not the same anymore.

Michelle said...

Sorry that you had a bad day. :( It seems like payphones have completely disappeared...even at gas stations.

LaRue said...

Hey now! Daniel Craig is my pretend Scottish boyfriend! Get your own pretend Scottish boyfriend!

And next time you are stranded you could try to call for the woodland creatures to help you. It worked for Snow White.