Monday, February 25, 2008

What A Day For A Daydream

Tip Of The Day: The cheapest form of entertainment, available 24/7, anywhere you go, with no special equipment needed. It’s called daydreaming, and it’s FREE. Plus, it’s a great way to kill time at a boring job on a Monday afternoon… HINT.

Tip For Tomorrow: Nag, nag, nag. I know, I say this ALL THE TIME, but seriously. Start using your library more often and more better! A brief lowdown on the free (FREE!) classes available at your local library.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Just the other day, I was talking to a reporter from People Magazine about the success of my syndicated TV show, and how it’s ratings surpassed both Rachael Ray AND Tyra’s shows in the all-important demographic of 18 to 49-year-old female viewers. I had to interrupt her mid-interview to take a message from my fiancé, Gerard Butler, who was calling from location in London. He wanted to know what time my private jet was arriving that night, so he could meet me at the landing strip. If I got in early enough, we’d have time for dinner together…

No, I’m not currently ingesting illegal drugs (too spendy anyway), nor have I bumped my head one too many times. I was just sharing with the group my favorite (this week) daydream. Other past goodies include: I’m on Dancing With The Stars, and Maksim and I fall madly in love while he teaches me how to tango; I win an Oscar for my original screenplay, ala Diablo Cody; I buy my dream home in Santa Monica, complete with household staff and George Clooney waiting in the pool. So he’s nice and WET. I like my Hollywood men damp whenever possible.

I’m not alone in my love for daydreaming. Mrs. G over at Derfwad Manor (see her link on the right) just wrote about her vision of recasting Big Love, starring her and the boys from Ocean’s Eleven. Yum. Standing Still (also on the left) recently discussed her dream of owning a manor home in England during the Regency Period (aka time o’ Jane Austin), also complete with household staff. But no George Clooney.

So, we all daydream. And why shouldn’t we? What else are you going to do during that long commute, boring work-out, endless staff meeting, or call from your mother (not my Ma, though. Her calls are hugely entertaining and often involve the retelling of HER favorite daydreams).

If we’re all daydreaming already, how can we make it a better experience? I’d like to offer the following suggestions. And like daydreaming, they are cheap, if not completely FREE:
1. Do your research. If you wish to dream about a particular hottie, such as Gerard Butler, get his stats first, so you can add depth and believability to your fantasy. Age, height, birthplace, marital status – these bits of info and more can be found on the SOURCE OF ALL KNOWLEDGE, Wikipedia. Or, if you want to know how you can see more of your hottie – in other words, what movies have they been in – check out, source of all TV/Movie information.
2. Add pictures. The Internet is a great place to find photographs of famous folk, so you never forget what your object of desire looks like. FYI, I’ve been informed there are no pictures available of Ben Browder naked. In case you were curious.
Magazines are also an excellent source of photographic material of people, places and things you covet. Like your dream home or car. Or shoes.
3. Include a sound-track. I like to set my daydreams to music, which is why having an I-Pod is so fabulous (thank you, big brother!). By arranging my favorite songs in a certain way, I can create a backdrop for whatever I’m imagining. And adding new songs only costs 99 cents per tune at the I-Tunes store. The major downside? I-Pods are insanely expensive – well over $20. But you can find them for less at Ahh, eBay. My other favorite way of killing time.

I’ve shown you mine, now show me yours. What are your favorite daydreams? And where/when do you dream? Go on, share with the group. We won’t judge.

P.S. This blog began as a 2-year-long daydream about blogging in general. I wrote whole posts in my head for non-existent blogs before I finally found the idea that I could sink my teeth into – being frugal and fabulous for less than $20.

BONUS MATERIAL: A quick bakery recommendation for the lucky folks living in Nordeast Mpls.

If you haven’t been to Sarah Jane’s Bakery, I feel badly for you. That means you’ve never had the BEST TREAT EVER – their magical, marvelous date bars. I could happily live the rest of my life eating nothing but Sarah Jane’s date bars and Totino Party Pizzas.

Sarah Jane’s also makes yummy maple bars, cookies, donuts (award-winning donuts, like their chocolate butter-cream square), Danishes, cakes, pies and breads. In short, every form of baked good you can shake a stick at. Not that you should shake a stick at a baked good. Anyway.

Their individual-sized treats are mostly $1 or less each – with none exceeding $1 and change. So you can get a sack of snacks for under $5. They also have weekly specials, which I hear are announced on WCCO 830 at 4-5 AM. I’m never awake at those hours, so I can’t confirm the veracity of this report.

Sarah Jane’s Bakery: 2853 Johnson St. NE, Minneapolis (612) 789-2827. Closed on Sundays – darn it!


katydidnot said...

athis is so cool. i need this blog right now!

LaRue said...

Your daydream is infringing upon my daydream. I believe that that People Magazine reporter was interviewing ME about my Great American Novel, and Sting was on the other line, ready to dump Trudy and discuss that tantric sex thing....

So get your own daydream. So there. Hee. Also - Hollywood men may be nice damp, but never moldy. There is a limit to dampness.

(I trust that there will be no mention of my extensive day dreams involving Kevin Sorbo aka Hercules, Johnny Reznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, or George Clooney whisking me off to his mansion in Italy on Lake Como.)

The Material Girl said...

You not only have heard that there are no pictures of Ben Browder sans apparel, but you have assisted in the research.

My daydreams usually involve the vast quantities of shoes and clothes I would purchase if I won the lottery. And how I would remodel my house if said blessed event were ever to occur.

Anonymous said...

It's: It is, as in "It's all Greek to me."

Its: The possessive form of it, as in " ... the success of my syndicated TV show, and how its ratings surpassed both Rachael Ray AND Tyra’s shows ... ."

You're such a good writer. Here's to being even better!

Anonymous said...

OK, I must defend the family honor. The Chick knows her grammar, she just has an occasional blonde moment.

Michelle said...

I love a good daydream. Sarah Jane's bakery is awesome! Old school bakeries are so few and far between these days. SJ's prices are great, too. I love the donuts and danishes. Have you checked out ReWind Vintage? It's a couple doors away from Sarah Jane's. ReWind is one of the best Vintage stores in the Twin Cities. Really good selection and great prices, too.