Monday, March 17, 2008

But My Comfort Zone Is Comfortable

Above: The loot I scored at non-Target stores. I feel like I'm cheating. Is this cheating?

Tip of The Day: I’m thinking outside the box – yes that may be the most annoying cliché in the world. However, the fact still remains, there is a box, and I’m outside of it.
In other words, for once I did NOT go to Target for the stuff I needed.

Tip For Tomorrow: A reminder of the Museum Adventure Pass and how it works, plus other freebies to float your boat.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: As you know, because I say it all the time, I like Target. Especially the one located mere blocks from my house. It’s clean, convenient, and above all, CHEAP. But, and you may consider this heresy, they don’t always carry everything I need. The horror.

For example, the Target by my house no longer stocks Sunsilk Anti-Flat Plumping Crème. Do you KNOW what my hair looks like without Anti-Flat? In a word? Flat. So I had to seek it elsewhere.

I sought my magic hair crème at my least favorite store on earth – Walmart. I know, I KNOW, it has the best prices on the stuff I use every day, but UGH. I just hate going there. The one nearest my house is dingy and dreary and noisy and messy. It is an unpleasant shopping experience, unlike Target. Target is my happy place.

But Target doesn’t have Sunsilk Anti-Flat, so there you go.

While perusing the aisles at Walmart, I checked out the pricing on their other health and beauty items. Sad, but true, they have AWESOME discounts on name-brand hair care, make-up, and skin care products, not to mention all the store-brand stuff they stock (called Equate).

It finally became clear to me. If I am to be truly cheap and fabulous, I’m going to have to shop at Walmart more often.

I found my Anti-Flat for just $2.97, ibuprofen for $2.97 for 100 pills, and for a special skin treat, Biore Pore Strips for $5.94. This got me thinking some additional deep thoughts. Deep for me, anyway.

What other inexpensive stores have I been ignoring, because of my love for Target?

Well, for one, Walgreens. The only time I ever go to Walgreens is to pick up my monthly prescription (never you mind for what) – and I don’t really venture beyond the pharmacy section. So today, I did it! I went OUTSIDE THE PHARMACY to the REST OF THE STORE.

In particular, I went to the card section. It’s not a very big card/stationary section, not like the one at my Target. But what Walgreens lacks in size, it makes up for in content. I found three very funny birthday cards, and a slew of lovely thank you card packs.

In my other job, I send a lot of thank you cards. They’re nicer and more special than an e-mail, plus you can tuck a business card inside them.

Their thank you cards are sold 20 to a pack for $5.99 – that’s less than 30 cents a card. (Math. It CAN be fun.) I found some in a lovely blue and white floral design, which I have decided will be my signature thank you card. Until Walgreens stops carrying them, of course.

Parting Shot: Lesson for the day, kiddies? Don’t be married to just one store – deals can be found everywhere. Especially at stores KNOWN for their deals, like Walmart. Just overcome your shopping bias, and sally forth into uncharted territory.


LaRue said...

I am shocked that there was not one single mention of a blue light special or of falling prices. Shocked, I tell you. And while I do like Wal-mart, I hate that little bouncing ball in their ads.

Also? Walgreens is FABULOUS for back-to-school. Much better deals than Target. With the exception of those damn calculators that are never in stock and must then be purchased at school for twice the regular price. (Texas Instruments! You know who you are!)

Lastly - I can't wait to see what you find when you finally venture into Dollar Store territory. Perhaps the Arc of the Covenant? The Golden Fleece? The Head of Medusa? All with $1.00 wrapping paper, of course.

Let me know when you want to go check it out. You will probably need back-up.

LaRue said...

Oh crap. K-mart is the blue light, isn't it? I fail again at Store Bingo.

Parker said...

I too, adore Walgreens! Watch their ad - you can score even more great deals with coupons. Like buy one get one free on a multitude of items! (Including beauty products!)

However, not all stores that have "Wal" in their name are alike.

Walmart does have cheap prices on stuff, but at what cost? They are getting more and more of their merchandise made overseas! Many American factories are being shut down and have left thousands of people without jobs. Not to mention the lawsuit they are involved in right now that has to deal with them not promoting women to management positions.

I don't usually get on a high horse but this subject is important.

Thanks for listening!

Rachel (Parker's Mom)

Marketing Mama said...

Walgreens also has great sales on make up. My favorite is Loreal lipstick, buy one get one free. That's like 8 bucks in my pocket. They also have much more extensive make-up selection than Target. I'm always surprised by this, but it happens time and time again that I can't find a certain eyeliner, or mascara, at Target, but I find it at Walgreens.

And I totally agree about Walmart being dingy, etc. I can't find anything there. I realized that my sanity is worth the few extra bucks I might pay at Target to avoid Walmart. So I'm not as totally cheap as you are... and that's okay. ;)

Anonymous said...

I agree that good hair is important. But. I will never, ever, ever, ever venture into a Walmart. I agree with Parker's Mom.

Also, if you ask the nice Target people, perhaps they would begin stocking it???

Meg Tredinnick said...

I have to agree with your lack of excitement for Walmart. Although cheap, it is horribly unorganized and dreary! And there is a cost to having things that cheap, like Parker said...

Tiff said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooo! Wal-mart is very, very bad! Ick! Ick! Ick!

We need to support the stores we love otherwise they will not be around anymore!!

Madwoman of Preserve Path said...

Besides having dingy stores filled with tired-looking poor people, Wal-Mart can be boycotted for lots of other reasons. It makes its billions on the backs of its underpaid, uninsured employees. It's one of the few places, though, where I can buy reasonably priced yarn. Does anyone know where else I could buy Red Heart yarn without supporting the Waltons?

Max said...

Wow, talk about kindred spirits. I will only add my own Yay Target Booo Walblech.

I am a big fan of Walgreens and there is one on every corner here. I try them all. Shower shoes for about a dollar, and in one week, post Easter, I can get all of the Cadbury mini eggs for 25 cents a packet. Also, they seem to be the only place around here that carries Dr Tichenor's mouthwash.

PS-I ate a Totino's party pizza lasat night in your honor. That was the extent of St Patrick's day festivities for me.

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with Walmart.

$4 perscriptions saving customers over $1BB.

Largest corporate donor (sorry Target) Leading donor for 2nd Harvest, Children's Miracle Network, Salvation Army and one that's very near to my heart, Fischer Houses at US Military bases.

Over 40% of officers and management are women. Fortune named three different Walmart execs among the "50 most powerful women in business." Working Mother mag named them one of the "2007 Best Companies for Multi-Cultural Women."

There's plenty more if you look...

I think you might want to get your info on Walmart by someone not underwritten by a union.

Just sayin -

El Jefe

The Cheap Chick said...

Cool! I LOVE that there is contraversy on my blog! Just by saying I don't like Walmart...

I wonder what would happen if I said I hated puppies. Or babies. I don't, but can you IMAGINE the discussion we'd have?