Tuesday, March 18, 2008

In Case You Forgot, FREE is BEST

Tip Of The Day: Watch me now, hey (work, work, oh work it out, baby… Nope, I don’t think that will work as my theme song. Too risque.). Anyhoo, watch me tonight on Fox 9 News at 5. I’ll be talking about the Museum Adventure Pass, available at your local TC library.

Tip For Tomorrow: Practical and frugal tips! To incorporate into your daily life! So you stop squandering all your money! Plus, fun activities for the whole group to participate in. You know how I love group participation.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Sorry to keep plugging my TV segment, but I’m trying to raise my ratings here. Tune in! Tell a friend! And, if you are bored and sitting in front of your computer, log on to myfox9.com and join in my live chat, starting at 5:15.

Tonight’s segment is about the Museum Adventure Pass – a topic I’ve covered before, I know, but it’s such a good deal, I feel it bears repeating.

MELSA and Macy’s introduced the Museum Pass last year, and it’s still going strong in its second year, with four new attractions for you to take in. My faves include the MN Zoo and the MN Institute of Art.

Once again, here’s how the passes work:
Step One: Go to your local metropolitan library.
Step Two: Find the Museum Adventure Pass kiosk.
Step Three: Choose the museum you’d like to visit.
Step Four: Remove the corresponding card from the kiosk, and bring it to either the Information Desk or front desk to check out.
Step Five: Using your VALID library card and the plastic card from the kiosk, the librarian will check out the pass for you. Essentially, this entails them doodling around with their computer, and printing you a receipt.
Step Six: Take the receipt with you to the museum or other cultural attraction, and present it at the entrance. The receipt entitles you to either two or four free general admission passes. FREE. As in, YOU PAY NOTHING.

Additional Info:
1. When you check out the pass, it’s removed from rotation for seven days.
2. You receive two or four free passes, depending on the attraction.
3. Each library has a finite amount of passes available. You can not reserve them, and if the one you want is checked out, you have to wait for the seven days for it to go back in rotation.
4. The Roseville Library (where I filmed) puts out two passes for every attraction, every day. In other words, they have 14 passes per attraction. In other words – part two – they have a lot of passes for you to check out!
5. Check out (ha ha ha, pun) their website for more information:

Since we’re on the topic of FREE, here are a few other things to do this week, for FREE. And in keeping with the library theme I got working, both events pertain to books.

I love author events – probably because I dream of the day when I get to do my OWN author event (meet The Cheap Chick! Hear a reading from Cheap But Not Easy, number 1 on the New York Times bestseller list! Purchase your autographed copy today! For less than $20!). So attending these things provides fuel for my already fiery fantasy life.

The Har Mar Barnes and Noble is hosting the authors of Outlaw Biker: My Life at Full Throttle – Richard “Deadeye” Hayes and Mary Gardner. And yes, he DOES have a dead eye. Ick. The event is tonight (Tuesday night) at 7:30 PM.

The Galleria Barnes and Noble is having an author event for Joseph Bailey and his book, Fearproof Your Life: How to Thrive in a World Full of Fear, on Thursday, March 20th at 7:30 PM. If you are a big ninny like me, this might be the best author event EVER.

For more information about author events at your local B&N (if you don't live in the TC, and really, why would you? Why do I?), go here: http://storelocator.barnesandnoble.com/?r=1.

Both events are free to attend, although you do have to pay for the books if you want to add them to your collection. However, stealing either book is RIGHT OUT. And, illegal.
FREE OPTION: Check them out at your local library. And now I’ve come full circle with today’s topics. The End.

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