Tuesday, March 11, 2008

They’re Magically Delicious

Tip Of The Day: Cool and cheap places to party down this St. Patrick’s Day. Which, for some, will last for at least 5 days. Making it more like St. Patrick’s Week. Whatever.

Tip For Tomorrow: Spring has sprung (and damn that Daylight Savings Time change). So take the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning – tips on how to do it and not go crazy with boredom.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: BIG ANNOUNCEMENT TIME. Tonight at 5 PM, I will debut my weekly Cheap Chick segment on Fox 9 News at 5. This first show is all about my new favorite cheap place to go for St. Patrick’s Day, Shamrocks in St. Paul.

If you just discovered Cheap But Not Easy after watching the aforementioned segment, and this is your first visit, Welcome! Come on in! Read away! Visit often! Tell a friend! Heck, tell two! Okay, I’ll stop yelling now.

It may sound like we’re jumping the gun, talking about St. Paddy’s Day almost a week in advance, but many bars and restaurants are starting the celebration as early as Thursday. Which gives you ample opportunity to get your Irish drink on.

Personally, I never used to be a big fan of St. Patrick’s Day. When your first name is Erin (and yes, that’s my first name, not “Cheap” like you may have thought), you tend to get teased a lot with the whole Erin Go Bragh thing. I don’t know why the nasty little boys in school used to yell that at me. It means Ireland Forever – where’s the insult in that? I know, they just liked saying bra. Men. Sheesh.

However, I do like Irish food – Sheppard’s Pie, curry fries, bangers and mash (which sounds like a weird fetish, but isn’t) – and I love Irish drink. Mmmm, whiskey. Good stuff!

I don’t quite get the point of green beer, though. Why dye an innocent beer green? They don’t do that in Ireland, so how is this making the beer more Irish? What it does do is turn your hands and mouth green. I remember a time in college, when my boyfriend stumbled home from the bar one St. Patrick’s Day. He was so green (from the dye, not from nausea), it looked like he was moldy. But adorably! Cutely moldy! Because he was quite cute.

Anyhoo, there are many fun places in the TC to drink green (or regular-colored) beer, eat bangers and mash, and act Irish for awhile. I think the best place to start, because it sounds more Irish-y, is St. Paul. Plus, WE have the big parade. Take that, Minneapolis! You think you’re so cool with your Holidazzle…

St. Paul Parties:
1. Today’s segment was all about Shamrocks. I love Shamrocks, as I love ANYTHING associated with Casper and Runyon’s. They make the best Jucy Lucy (hamburgers stuffed with molten cheese, yum), and their prices are very reasonable.
The party starts Thursday, with the Miss Shamrock Competition. There’s live music Thursday through Monday, shuttles to and from the parade, food and drink specials, a tent party the 15th and 17th, and so much more. And oh? NO COVER CHARGE. I love them.
Visit them on MySpace at: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=142317917
2. O’Gara’s is a classic Irish pub and restaurant, and has been a St. Paul institution for 67 years. They, too, are having live music and a two-day tent party. Plus, they’re doing Anniversary Food Specials – back to 1941 prices. Like $1.95 fish fry for lunch. If that isn’t the coolest, cheapest thing you’ve heard, you need new ears.
Go here
http://www.ogaras.com/ for details. By the way, the band I used to follow, GB Leighton, will be performing on Monday. Stop by and see firsthand why I loved them so long and so much.
3. The Dubliner may not have food, but they have attitude to spare. Their tent party is Saturday, Sunday and Monday, with live Irish music by bands like the Wild Colonial Bhoys. Plus, they pour a mean Guinness and black and tan.
Check out their MySpace for more info:
http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=131201147. And I LOVE that they made their profile Female.
4. Half Time Rec, well, kind of looks like a wreck from the outside. Inside, though, you’ll find fabulous Irish music this St. Patrick’s Day. Their big party is Saturday, but stop by Monday for the bagpipes. If you are a student, you get $7 pitchers with your student ID, every day of the week. I KNEW I kept my ID for a reason.
Visit their web site for dates and times:

Okay, I suppose I should play fair and tell you about the stuff going on in Minneapolis – just in case you are nervous about crossing the river. Which, given the status of our bridges, I can’t say I blame you.

Minneapolis Parties:
1. Keegan’s Irish Pub and Restaurant = yum. Looking at their web site makes me hungry, with the descriptions of their under $20 Irish feasties…okay, now I’m drooling on the computer. Get a load of these dinners:
Besides food, Keegan’s is also having a 3 day tent party with live music. The calendar is on their website:
2. O’Donovan’s Irish Pub is (you’ve heard this somewhere before) having a 3-day tent party with live music. They also have Irish pub favorites on the menu, like their Irish Breakfast (with plenty’o protein), and Irish beers like Guinness and black and tan.
Like a well-behaved pub, they, too, have a website:
3. Most of us in the TC have heard of Kieran’s Irish Pub, but have you heard what they’re doing on Sunday the 16th? Kieran’s is having a family St. Patrick’s Day celebration, with traditional Irish music and dance – and there’s no cover charge. On Saturday and Monday, the grown-ups can rock out to live (rowdy) music, especially Monday when they have their tent party.
For a cheap Irish lunch all year long, they have lunch specials for $10.99, Monday thru Friday, from 11 to 2.
Bless these pubs and their easy-to-use websites:

Alright, that’s 7 different parties to get it started in here. Please remember to drink responsibly, tip your waiters, and I’m here all week. Slainte!


LARUE said...

What? What about the Liffey? Where's the Liffey-Love? Or the Local? For shame. The Local has fabulous corned beef and cabbage.

Having been in Ireland (and being one of only 2 redheads in the entire place, it seems like, and she was ALSO American) I agree that there is little green food and beverage. However! There is a little tradition that if your family's name is on a pub, you must have a drink in that establishment. Which can kind of suck if your name is Paddy or Murphy. Then again, if you were planning on getting drunk, it could be useful.

Either way? Irish fun for all. Also! 3/15 and 16 is the 27th Annual Irish Celebration at the Landmark Center in St. Paul and 6th Annual Day of Irish Dance. Drinking and shopping! And dancing! What could be more fun?

And truthfully? Leprechauns freak me out.

The Cheap Chick said...

Dear Liffey and Local,

If you had advertised St. Patrick's Day events going on at your places of business, I would have included you in my list of places to go.

I love you, but I had to keep my post down to one page. Sorry, maybe next year.

Don't hate me.
The Cheap Chick

mia said...

Here are my favorite GREEN things (that you'll actually want to wear or use again after St. Patrick's Day!):

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Green Flower Ring and Heart Earrings, $4.80 each, and Faux Jade Necklace, $8.80 at Forever 21:

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Payless Green Ballet Flat, $16.99:

Fish's Eddy Central Park Dishes and Glasses, 50% off ($2.50-$9.99):

Anonymous said...

Erin! Nice segment! But, why weren't you wearing GREEN? Or, perhaps, was that too cliche?