Thursday, April 3, 2008

Gas Is Giving Me An Ulcer

See what I did there? The clever play on words? Nice.

Tip Of the Day: Here's your chance to let loose and vent about the rising cost of gas. Also? You can share with the group your tips on how to use less fuel. Then we'll dedicate the whole post to Al Gore, seeing as how it combines his two favorite things: The Internet (which he invented) and the environment (which he wishes he invented).

Tip For Tomorrow: Let's keep the group participation ball rolling with Reader's Tips. Plus, I'll tell you where I'm going on Saturday morning, and what I'm buying. For 50% OFF.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: As you can see in the photo above, gas prices are crazy-stupid here in the TC. One gallon of gas now costs about the same as a pack of Marlboro Lights did, back when I used to smoke.

(Brief time out while I fondly remember smoking. Ahhhhhh, cigarettes. Little sticks of smoky delight.)

Well, I quit smoking, but I can't quit driving – I'm a Realtor and that's like, half my job. The other half is holding my sellers' hands as they quietly weep about the plummeting housing market.

So, I'm mad. Nay, I'm pissed. Nay again, I'm MAD AS HELL, AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE. (To quote the movie, Network. Which I've never seen, but I've watched the angry man rant about a billion times.)

Did our government learn nothing from the gas crisis in the 70's? Have they NOT had 30 friggin' YEARS to discover an alternative to oil, so we're not dependent on the Middle East for fuel? And the only solution they've come up with is to rape the tiny bit of untapped wilderness we have left, to squeeze out those last few drops of oil? Because, hey, destroying our planet, THE ONLY PLACE WE HAVE TO LIVE, is such a good idea! Why didn't I think of that? Oh, that’s right, because I’M NOT A DUMBASS.

And then, AND THEN, our MN government taxes the holy heck out of the gas we DO have, because our state is going broke. Of course it could be worse, we could live in Wisconsin, where the gas tax is even MORE insane.

Every time I fuel up, I seethe a bit on the inside. Or on the outside, depending on who's around. And I get gas a LOT. Why? Because I still refuse to put in more than $20 at a time. This was once enough money to fill my tank, dammit, and it should still be that way. I don't really CARE if this is an irrational thought; I just want it to be true.

There, that's my rant for the day. Now for the fuel-saving tips:
1. As soon as winter actually ends in MN (some time in May), I plan to bike to the office. It's only a few miles away, and should take no longer than 20 minutes. Good for the environment, my wallet, and my butt.
2. During our endless winters, I always keep my thermometer below 70 degrees. And at night, I turn it down to 60. Less heat means using less natural gas. Which means smaller fuel bills for the Cheap Chick Empire.
3. I drive a Honda, which is a fuel-efficient car. And when it dies, I plan on getting a Hybrid – just like the one Leonardo DiCaprio drives. Only less smug and self-satisfied.

I've said my piece – here's your chance to say yours. Click on Comments (below) and let'er rip. Think of it as group therapy. But cheaper, and without the bad coffee and stale doughnuts.

Post Script:
Thank you to Mrs. G from Derfwad Manor! She posted my interview on her blog today – click her link on the right to check it out.
I'm sorry I said it was going up last week, I was wrong. Seems I lack those basic skills like READING and COMPREHENSION. Anyhoo, that was my bad, not Mrs. G's. She's perfect in every way.


Claire B. said...

Hi! I just bounced over from Mrs. G.'s after reading your interview and realizing that I [heart] you very much. Can't wait to read more.

Gas here in the Pacific Northwest (the kind we put in the tank, not the kind we get from our incredibly yummy beer) is $3.90 or so per gallon. What makes me more nervous and scared, however, is that a pint of the aforementioned beer just went up to $4.25. This economy sucks, man!

Get ready for lots of comments from Mrs. G's tribe. Great interview!

Janet said...

Led Zeppelin! Stephen King! Not just Bacon! but MAPLE!!! bacon! Harry Potter, Sue Grafton, swearing, Viggo (he WAS great as Lucifer and even better as Aragorn!), big hands AND the dude from Moonlight is Australian??? (don't get me started on all these guys with gorgeous accents that have to hide 'em on American tv).

Gas is still (knock on wood) under $3.10 at most places. I agree with your post, is the government asleep? Nah...they have their hand in the till.

LaRue said...

Um, my name is Larue and I hate high gas pricing. (Hi Larue!)

That's about it, really. I try not to expend my energy on being pissed about the gas issue. I instead choose to spend it being pissed that there is no more Harry Potter, that I have to order my redhead make-up online and that chocolate is not healthy for the flora (and fauna) in my intestinal system. After that? I'm about worn out.

And there has been much talk of Al Gore lately in your blog. Come on, there are lots of other Democrats to talk about. Jimmy Carter. Bill Clinton. Mondale. ANY of the Kennedys. (Except Arnold, who is really only a Kennedy by marriage, and a Republican.)

Lastly, it is a cool 68 year-round at the Larue home, and I know where you are going this Saturday. Oooh! Insider information! I feel very special. And congrats on Derfwad Manor. Bacon is an excellent choice for a meal.

Anonymous said...

Tip for finding good GAS prices. Because, like it or not, we need to fuel up occasionally so that we can drive to the houses we need to sell so that we can eventually build the empire and move away from the cold to sunny California.

Check out:

You will find the BEST prices for gas in the twin cities. MechanicalMan has this site bookmarked, because buying gas at the BEST PRICE in the Twin Cities automatically increases his MAN POINTS WITH PURCHASE total.

see you there! said...

I wandered over from Mrs. G's as well. Gas is $3.59/gal at the cheapest station around here. Like you I have a Honda (mine is 13 yrs old!) and will get a hybrid next time around.

I think I'll go drown my woes in bacon!


Bionic Beauty said...

You're right, they are DUMASSes. Totally. 100%. And it makes me mad. They'll wait until that bill goes into effect- the one where they are authorized to start plowing Alaska for oil when barrel prices hit $125/barrel or something. Then the raping of Alaska would at least be justified in their minds. Oi vey. What a mess we're in.
I want one of those teeny Smart cars to zip around in. Yep. Tiny, fuel efficient, easy to park, cheap. Sounds fine to me.

Jen Hill said...

I am pissed that their isn't going to be any more Harry Potter as well!

I usually buy gas at the local Costco which is now at $3.09 (a dime cheaper a gallon than most stations in UT). Yes, even $40 bucks doesn't fill my tank any more, and I drive a Honda minivan.