Friday, April 4, 2008

I Can’t Do It Alone

Name the Broadway show/movie that song is from and win… well, nothing. Except for the right to say, “I knew that.” Which, for some people, is enough.

Tip Of The Day: Readers’ tips, from folks like you. And you. And YOU. But not you. You are right out.

Tip For Tomorrow: I plan on avoiding the work I need to do on my taxes by needlessly shopping. It’s research, RESEARCH, I SAY.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Every week I check my Gmail account and boggle at the number of frugal tips I receive from you, my fearless readers. And then I get all verklempft at the outpouring of support from everyone. And then I choke up with gratitude that you people take the time and effort to send me your ideas.

And then I get the heck over myself. Seriously.

To kick off this week’s Reader Tips segment, we have Marketing Mama. She is, oddly enough, a Mom (one who played an evil April Fool’s Day trick on the Chick, but whatever) and knows about great family deals. Like the one she sent me about Freepeats:

“Member registration is NOW OPEN for Minneapolis-area residents! Just go to and click on ‘join.’ You'll get instant full access to free gently-used baby, kid, and maternity items in your area. Maternity clothes, too!

Freepeats is a great way to get free [stuff] but it's really the ‘offer posts’ that make it work. Freepeats is a super-easy way to clear the clutter and get rid of items you don't need. You'll feel great knowing that your items are going to other families who need them.

Are there are a few books your toddler doesn't read any more? Some unexpired formula samples you never needed? The Minneapolis-area forum just opened. You can post just about any gently-used baby, kid, or maternity item (except for car seats and crib mattresses). It only takes a few seconds.”

Thank you for the information, taken from an e-mail Marketing Mama received from Freepeats. Maybe someday I’ll forgive you for your cruel joke. MAYBE. Perhaps you should send chocolate.

Dan, Dan, my frugal man in Shakopee has this freebie to share. It combines IPods and education, swirls them in a big blender of FREE, and spits out a tasty smoothie of a tip. And now I’m hungry.

“Here's a couple great links that are completely free. (I can't remember where I found out about these, I'll feel really dumb if it was somewhere on your site.)” Don’t feel dumb, Dan. You didn’t hear about these from me. But I’ll totally steal the credit, if it makes you feel better.

“Anyways, did you know that you can download free classic audio-books? Mark Twain, Dickens, Shakespeare and many others. Transfer to your IPod and listen on your way to work. Maybe I'll finally read (ok listen) to some of the classics that I was supposed to read in high school and college.” Yeah, me too. Do they have any Janet Evanovich? How about the Shopaholics books? No?, and
The second one has a lot larger selection as well as the ability to subscribe to a free podcast.”

The next tip was actually a bit of shameless self-promotion I received via e-mail – but seeing as how I LOVE shameless self-promotion (from others as well as my own), I’m including it in today’s post. Also? It’s about free shipping from online stores, and hello? What do I like best? Exactly.

Cheap Chick, I am hoping you might be interested in blogging about the new website, or even better, talking about it on your show.” Nice try, bucky. “It might be something that would benefit you and your audience.” Yes, FREE is ALWAYS beneficial – keep talking. is an ‘all free’ shipping website, with over 1000 free shipping deals to more than 600 stores.” I checked out the site, and they pull together all the shipping deals online stores are offering on any given day. Like $6 shipping (which, although not free, is still a good deal) on any purchase from

Thank you, Luke, and good luck with your new venture. When you make it big, don’t forget about your friends in low places. Like Minnesota. HINT.

If you’d like to see your tip in print (or blog, or HTML, or whatever we call it up in here), please e-mail me at As you can see, I always give props to those who provide the tip. Unlike Martha, who claims them for her own. So shady.

If you require instant gratification, like me, then post a tip in the Comments section below. Tell us about your cool find for the week – you’ll get bragging rights and immediate publication.


Marketing Mama said...

Wow - I didn't know you were holding a grudge about that April Fool's joke. SORRY! :)

Glad you thought my tip about was worth posting on your cook blog! Here's another awesome tip:

The next 2 weekends there are big consignment sales (read = cheap) for kids clothes, maternity clothes, toys and babygear.

Check out for more info.

April 10-12 Maple Grove Community Center
**Thursday&Friday 10-7
**Sat (half price day) 10-2

April 26-27 Rosemount Community Center
**Sat 10-7
**Sun (half price day) 10-2

The Cheap Chick said...

Thanks Mama! You give such good comments, I forgive you anything. But you could still send chocolate. Just because.

LaRue said...

Chicago! Velma Kelly to that little snot, What'sHerFace. I win!

My cool find of the week are gallstones! That's about it, sorry.