Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Smells Like Teen Spirit

Above: There I am, in all my teenaged glory.

TV Teaser For The Day: Today on Fox 9 News at 5 PM, I’m talking about how to save money on Prom dresses. I’ll have a full post on that this afternoon. Stay tuned!

As I promise in my segment’s send-off (which Fox better air – they edited it out last week), if you check out my website, you get to see my Senior Prom pic. So there you go, the picture my Ma took of me at our house in Richfield. If you look closely, you can see Big Brother’s Senior pic in the background.

Get a load of all the 80’s-teenager-nerd clichés I’ve got working:
1. Big, permed hair, with one side elegantly swept back in a comb. A comb with a big, pink, sparkly flower attached to it.
2. Baby fat on my face – which I wouldn’t lose until my Junior year of college.
3. Clear(!) braces on my teeth. Thanks, Dad!
4. Big, poufy, pink, satin and lace dress. With attached crinoline, of course.
5. Brows that nary a tweezer had ever touched.
6. Ma’s pearls clasped around my scrawny neck.

And I wondered why no one would date me back then. Hmm. Mystery solved.

I showed you mine, now show me yours.
What did YOU wear to your Senior Prom?


LaRue said...

I admit that the second I saw that picture I went: "BWAH!" And then I thought, "That is a FINE example of a Jessica McClintock dress circa 1989." THEN, I said, "Hey! There's the Golden Idol in the background!" And I believe my final thought (after truly admiring the satin in that dress) was that I don't believe your hair has ever been that big since then. We really do get better with age, don't we?

As for my dress? It was a white lace and satin number that was body hugging and knee length with big satin puffy short sleeves and a massive butt bow on the back. But damned if I didn't look mighty skinny in it. Although I could not get my hair to the majesty that was yours. I was just not devoted enough. Oh god. I think I forgot the white satin gloves I wore with the outfit. They had little bows on them. SHUDDER. I will e-mail you a pic. Do with it as you wish.

Scrappy Jessi said...

cute prom pick!
hey thanks for stopping by girls!
i love the 80's and yes dressy bessy rocks!!!
have a great week

Anonymous said...

I was dating a post-high school aged boy. Not a college boy. He worked in a liquor store and was in a band. I was BAD.

So, I didn't go to Sr. Prom. I worked that night. At Steak and Ale, where I was a hostess, and I sat ALL MY FRIENDS and cried at the end of the night.