Monday, April 7, 2008

Thanks Mom!

Above top: My happy feet in my happy new shoes. And? They are VERY comfy.
Above bottom: That's the price tag showing 90% off. Which means I only paid one-tenth of the retail price. Isn't Math fun?
So I bought the Stuart Weitzman shoes at Opitz yesterday. Aren't they PRETTY? Now if it would just stop snowing, I could actually wear them outside.
Oh yes, I am not kidding. It is STILL SNOWING in Minnesota. I know, you totally wish you lived here, right?


Anonymous said...

Neither rain nor snow will keep your feet from looking fancy free in your new shoes. V pretty!

Anonymous said...

You are so damn (dare) cute, I get such a kick reading your blogs.
fun stuff

LaRue said...

Ok, I am detecting a double standard here. When we were at the mall (way back when I still had my gallbladder) and you really liked that jacket, you wouldn't buy it because it was $22.00, even with me offering to give you the extra $2.00. This smells fishy to me, missy.

Not that the shoes aren't lovely. With what are you going to wear them?