Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Two-Fer Tuesday, The Sequel

Post in the second part – two new things that I lurve, both of which cost less than $20. Naturally.

But first! An announcement about my upcoming Fox 9 Morning Show appearance. I will (hopefully) be on-air tomorrow morning at approximately 7:30 AM. If you are up that early, please tune in.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post.

So there I was, in the liquor store, minding my own bidness, when I saw this bottle. It just CALLED to me, saying “Drink me! I’ll make you feel better! And, how cute am I? All pink and sassy, for just $11.99.”

Below: Bitch, The Wine. 2006.

So I rushed to the counter, bottle clutched in hand (it had stopped talking by then) and demanded that the clerk sell it me. Because, hello? Of COURSE the wine in the bottle would taste good! The label was so fabulous! And you should ALWAYS JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER! Or a booze by its label! Whatever.

When I got home, and the overwhelming awesomeness of the bottle had worn off a bit, I was struck (figuratively, of course) by a thought – what if this doesn’t taste as good as it looks?

So I decided to do it right. I decanted the wine first (it’s a red – South Australian Grenache to be exact), then poured it into one of my reeeeeaaaaallllyyyy big red wine glasses. I even swirled it around, all pretentious-like, just to be on the safe side.

Below: Wine glass, post-swirl. It's too hard to take a picture and swirl wine at the same time. Trust me.

And guess what? It tastes very good (phew! I didn't just waste $11.99, plus tax.) – not too heavy, nicely dry, with no wonky cheap-red-wine aftertaste. It’s a lighter red, so if you like Cabernets (or Pina Coladas), this might not be your thing.

But truthfully? I had to have it, just for this label.

Below: How I am feeling today.

Sorry. I have to say this – it’s just too easy.

Waiting To…

I’m totally loving my newest body lotion purchase - purchased for a mere less-than-$3. It’s from Suave’s Exhale “Nourish your body, Inspire your mood” line of body care products, which includes these fun scents:

Calming Lavender Vanilla – the one I have. No, it doesn’t really calm me, but it smells really nice.
Alluring Sandalwood and Cinnamon – this name makes cheesy porn music run through my head.
Inspiring Lime Verbena – also very nice.
Lively Juicy Tangerine – because nothing is more energizing than smelling like an orange.

The lotion is very light and soothing, and absorbs IMMEDIATELY into your skin, with very little effort required on your part. Perhaps that’s the calming part? However, it isn’t the best for really super-dry skin – it’s a bit too light for that.

There are also matching body washes, so your scents don't conflict. There's enough conflict in the world without conflicting scents.

BUT. Good luck finding the other 3 lotion scents at Target. My store only carries the Lavender Vanilla kind, although it stocks all the body wash scents. Because my Target is cracked. And, quite possible, out to get me.

I have to admit, though, my favorite part about ANY Suave product is that they tell you, right on the label, which name brand they are ripping off. That just makes me so happy.

Below: Damn The Man! Buy the store-brand instead!

Speaking of Suave, below you will find a link to the video for Rico Suave, by Gerardo. No, you don't have to thank me. Think of it as my gift to you.



Michelle said...

That is the best name ever for a wine! :)

Nikki said...

I have the Bath & Body Works version of that lavender/vanilla lotion that I received as a gift and I LOVE it. Does the Suave one smell the same/similar? That would be *great* if it does, cuz it costs much less than it's pricey counterpart. That's pretty funny that they identify which brand they are knocking off.

mia said...

MMMM...I would like some CHEESE with that BITCH.

Jennifer said...

I just LOVE you!!!! You always me me laugh,lol!!!!

I really wanna try that wine now seeing as how I LOVE pink!!!

mia said...

By the way, this reminds me that it's Sangria season, finally. And, of course, Sangria can be cheap and fabulous.

The Cheap Chick said...

Mia - also? Sangria has fruit in it, so it's NUTRITIOUS.

Nikki - I don't know if it smells as good as the B & B stuff, 'cuz I've never smelled the B & B stuff. But! The Suave is yummy in its own right.

Tundrababe said...

That wine is the best! Hahaha.

Marketing Mama said...

That wine is hilarious! I don't drink anymore, but that almost makes me want to! :)