Monday, April 28, 2008

The Unbearable Cheapness Of Being

Yeah, I don’t understand that title either. Nor do I understand the movie title I ruthlessly plagiarized. Why is it unbearable to be a light being? I don’t get it.

Moving on.

I discovered the United States’ cheapest contiguous state this weekend, and it is Iowa. The food is cheap, the drink is cheap, and (unfortunately for my liver) the strong drink is the cheapest of all.

I had many lovely glasses of something called “chocolate milk” – but never fear, it had no calcium in it or any other redeeming nutritional value. You make it by combining a chocolaty stout and a milky oat beer. A big ole glass only cost $4. Yum.

I also found the lovely shiny objects pictured below. My friends and I went to a craft sale at one of the Des Moines elementary schools, and ooooooh, the pretties we found!

I got this for just $18.

And this one for just $8. It’s kinda like stealing.

When I returned from my sojourn south, I made a pit stop at my favorite store: Closet O’ HaC. I was just going to borrow something for my Fox 9 morning show segment (airing tomorrow in the morning! Don’t miss it! Yes, I’m an attention whore!), but I ended up the happy recipient of many other goodies

This is what I’m wearing on the morning show. I have to return it, though.

I get to keep this little gem, though.

And this one, too. Plus a cute dark pink sweater with a collar, but stupid BLOGGER won't let me post anymore pictures. It knows I'm leaving it soon, and this is my punishment.

Tip Of The Day: Move to Iowa, where the living is cheap and the party is cheaper. Also? Make sure to visit your friends on the days they clean out their closets. Chances are you’ll score excellent free loot. And what’s better than free? NOTHING.

Tip For Tomorrow: Some day it will be spring. No, really. Like in June. Or maybe July. And the weather will be warm. And you’ll want to go outside and do things like ride your bike or go Rollerblading. However, you may need to wear a parka.

Check back here tomorrow for tips on where to score sporting goods for less.


Anonymous said...

You are such a pretty girl. And, so cheap.

LaRue said...

Excellent clothing. Oh that one day I can shop in YOUR closet.

And I love that bracelet. Should it decide to leave your home and need a new home, I would happily welcome it here.

mia said...

Wow you look gorgeous!

I discovered the Unbearable Cheapness of Iowa and its surroundings while on a Great Midwestern Road Trip. AMAZINGLY CHEAP AND FABULOUS stuff was thrifted and garage saled on that trip. Also, the food and drink were cheap and fabulous. I remember yummy cheap BBQ sandwiches, roadside produce stands, and 50 CENT PITCHERS.

Tundrababe said...

Those are pretty shirts and necklaces. You look fabulous too!