Thursday, May 8, 2008

Faster Than A Speeding Bullet

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Or that you’ve had the chance to blow off some steam and laugh at other people’s problems. Whatever. I’m not picky.

This week’s Group Therapy Thursday topic is a spin-off of Freud’s teachings. Or, at least I think this is Freud. I had Psych 101 16 years ago, so my memory is a little fuzzy. Let’s call it Freud and move on.

Freud (or some other dead shrink) talked a great deal about the Id, the Ego, and the Super Ego. Apparently, we have all three going on in our heads, to varying degrees, and how much we have of one over the others has an affect on our personalities, blah blah blah.

I don’t remember much about the Super Ego (which I always read as Super Eggo, and then I got hungry), or what it was supposed to do. But I do know a whole bunch about Super HEROES, who are a whole lot more interesting, and are usually good-looking. Like Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), or Batman (any of the actors who portrayed him, but Michael Keaton was my fave).

Therefore, this week’s Group Therapy Question is: If you could be any super hero, which super hero would you be? And then, part two (it’s a two-parter this week, to keep you on your toes. No slacking allowed in therapy, folks.), what super hero power do you already possess?

As always, to get the conversation/confession ball rolling, I’ll go first.

When I was a wee Chicklette, I wanted to be Wonder Woman. Actually, I wanted to be Lynda Carter, but same thing. The hair! The kicky wardrobe! The Lasso of Truth! Not to mention her sparkly accessories and the ability to change clothes just by spinning around in a circle.

As I got older, I got into gothic super heroes – which I fondly refer to as my Buffy the Vampire Slayer years. Oh, how I loved that tiny blonde teen! Case in point, one of the best complements I ever got was when Big Brother told me I looked very “Buffy” in an outfit I was wearing. I love that outfit to this day, although it’s too 1998 to wear anymore.

How deep was my love for the slayer? Well, there’s a pair of black leather pants hanging in my closet that I can directly relate to her influence. And someday, SOMEDAY I will fit back into them. Probably by slicing off the sides of my saddle bags. Ick.

Nowadays, I want to be Jean Grey from the X-Men. She combines everything I like – killer clothes, great hair, rockin’ body, the biggest and baddest powers of them all, AND she gets to make out with Hugh Jackman. Count me in.

As for the super human powers I already possess? Some would say it’s my ability to annoy people within mere SECONDS of meeting them. Cheap Chick the Annoyer! Now with Kung-Fu Grip! Accessories sold separately.

I actually think it’s my ability to make my friends throw away things they no longer need.

No, really. If you need your closets cleaned out, if you’re having a hard time letting go of an outdated outfit, even if you just need help sorting mail, I’m your Chick. I swoop in and put the whammy on clutter and unwanted stuff.

Just call me Trash Girl! Trash Girl to the rescue! Yeah, I need to work on the name.

Let’s now allow the healing powers of Therapy to begin. Please share with us which super hero you would like to be, and which super hero power you currently have.

News Flash: This just in! The Cheap Chick will appear on Fox 9 News at 10 PM tonight! How does she do it! Her endless self-promotion is HEROIC!

Okay, I'll stop now.


Parker said...

Oh my gosh. I would be SHE-RA for sure! Do you remember her? Didn't she hook up with HE-MAN? (I'd be her just for that!) Yes. It may surprise you to know, that I too, am single, much like TCC. Except she is so much trendier and cooler than me. Hello?? She's on TV!

The super-power I currently posess is "GROWING faster than a speeding bullet!" Crap. You should just see the clothes in my closet that are waiting for me to wear them again. Ahhh... Spring. You are here to torment me yet again.

The super-power I WISH I could possess is "SLENDER-IZING." As in "Look at Rachel! She's slender-izing herself! Isn't she amazing? And holy crap she looks terrific!"

Parker said...

Hmmm... is it "posess" or "possess"? I spelled it two different ways there.

My super-power is not spelling, apparently.

Who noticed? And if you DID notice, how bad does it bother you????

Rachel (aka Parker's Mom)

LaRue said...

If I could be any SuperHero, it would either have to be Kitty Pride (I want to walk through walls) or anyone who could fly. Although being Elasta-Girl would be FAB. Just lengthen those legs a bit and no more fat thighs! And I loved the witches on Charmed. Maybe I would rather just be a witch. (No comments, El Jefe.)

As for the current super power that I posess, it is to be able to create anything I see. I can see a picture of an outfit and recreate it (see Sharkboy for evidence). If you can dream it, you can be it! And all that jazz.

(Super Jazz hands optional. OOH! I want to have Super Jazz Hands as my power!)

mia said...

Weren't She-Ra and He-Man sister and brother?

Anonymous said...

I was always into the brainy, smart, slick super heros.

Savoir-faire is everywhere....

I love that saying, I just wished he was for good though,
Underdog was cool (without the power pill though, the little drug freak) he always got the girl after fighting his crime, Polly Purebred, she was hot, Hey think about it, she kinda looks like our one and only "The Cheap Chick" Ha, funny.
My super power today is...
I'm brainy, smart, slick, (is that good?)
Polly purebred
click the name, look at the hair, smile, SHOES, hand movement, look familiar?

PS, I love (well, like alot anyway) Polly purebred

mia said...

Lara Croft is pretty darn awesome. She's not a superhero in the traditional sense (like she doesn't fly or have an alter ego), but she's smart, has an awesome job, travels everywhere, and kicks some serious butt!

Melanie said...

Is Jem considered a super-hero? Because that's my choice. Philanthropic rich gal by day, rock star by night. My power? Being truly, truly, truly outrageous.

Anonymous said...

This really dates me...

I have no idea who alot of these super-heroes are!?! Oh well, when I was younger, I loved the cartoon, Josie & the Pussycats!! Which was actually made into a movie when my girls were younger. But how cool was that...a girl rock band who caught bad guys?!!

My super-power?? I'm absolutely, positively gifted at sitting around, doing nothing!!!