Friday, May 9, 2008

Your Mama Must Be So Proud

Who would have thought that this sweet little boy would grow up to be the man who invented this?

I give you The Bierstick.

Tip Of The Day: Make your mama proud with cool new inventions. Like The Bierstick – a better way to bong a beer.

Tip For The Weekend: CALL YOUR MOTHER. After all she’s done for you, the least you could do is give her a ring. Or, even better, a real ring. Something shiny to make her day.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: My friend, Pam, has a very entrepreneurial son (Matt). That, or he’s just a total party animal. Let’s go with entrepreneur – it sounds better. Anyhoo, Matt got together with his buddy (Ben) and invented The Bierstick (see photo above).

What is The Bierstick? Let’s have Matt describe it in his own words, shall we?

“We are Bier Gear, LLC. We created The Bierstick as an improvement over the beer bong for fast drinking.

The Bierstick:
Enables faster drinking than a beer bong
Holds up to 24 ounces of beer
Is made with FDA approved materials
Is less than 20" in length for portability

It will be available for $19.95 on, and we anticipate it being available in Spencer Gifts later this year. The Bierstick is great for entertainment at parties, as well as taking cheap beers down fast.”

(Right now, is under construction. Check back often for more information, and to order your very own Bierstick!)

Well. Okay. Part of me is mildly horrified, and the other part of me is thinking, “this would have totally KILLED at the Theta Chi Around The World party!”

What I am sure of is that I’m impressed by Matt’s creativity, business acumen, and dedication to Bier Gear LLC. They even have Bier Wear:

No, the perky bottom is NOT included with the shorts. To get that, you need a personal trainer and lipo. Or, just be 21 years old again. And yes, they want to put together a Bier Girl Calendar - and are now accepting applicants' photos.

So there’s your Tip For Friday – get yourself a Bierstick for just $19.95! It’s less than $20! There are even outfits to go with it! And you can drink more beer, faster!

And yes, Pam IS proud. Matt is already turning a profit, and he hasn’t even graduated college.

Disclaimer: We at the Cheap But Not Easy Empire do not condone under-age drinking or binge-drinking. But we do condone things that cost less than $20, and creativity.


LaRue said...

That would have gone over big at the Barracks parties in the Army. I know a certain Specialist Verg who would have LOVED that.

FOr the record, I do not believe that my butt was EVER that perky.

Robin H. said...

Woo hoo! Finally they've come up with a more efficient drinking contraption!

For the record, my butt has always been that perky...and then some.

LaRue said...

Robin -
I have the "then some" I just think my butt has been dragging downward for years...

Manager Mom said...

Ha! How lazy are today's frat boys anyway? In my day, at least binge drinking would foster some creativity, making beer bongs from things like funnels and rubber chickens. These kids nowadays don't have to work for anything...