Monday, May 12, 2008

Random Bits Of Randomness. With Photos!

Tip Of The Day: A mish-mash of events, deals, and musings from my febrile mind. No, I did NOT say feeble mind. Sheesh.

Tip For Tomorrow: The return of Two-fer Tuesday! Where you get two, two, TWO posts for the price of one! Post in the first part shall be a companion piece to my Fox 9 segment; post in the second part is a surprise.
(Meaning, I haven’t thought of a post idea yet. It will probably involve something cheap. And, more than likely, fabulous.)

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: I have a bunch of stuff to share and I’m stumped for a way to combine that stuff into one cohesive post. Mostly because I’m too lazy to try.

So instead, I’m just going to throw it all out there and see what sticks. Or run it up a flag-pole and see who salutes. Whatever. You get the point.

Cool Donation/Radio Thing:
Pack Your Bags! Handbag Donation Drive
at the ARC Value Village in Richfield, MN.
Donate your hand bags and receive an entry into ARC’s drawing for BIG PRIZES. Plus, you can meet Lori and Julia, The Drive-Time Divas from FM 107 – that alone is worth the trip down there, believe me.
The event is May 15th, from 6:45 to 8:45 PM.

For more information, go here: And then come back here when you’re finished.

Below: The bags I plan to set free at the donation event. It’s time they move on to a new home.

FREE Dessert for Moms for a Month:
This just in from Serena
“Playing on the political election this year, Boston Market has created a campaign that will give Mom what she deserves - more than one day of recognition - with This site allows users to join the "Moms Party" - a nonpartisan petition that promises to support moms in all that they do and give them more recognition than just one day.
The campaign features a website with fun political-themed posters where users can upload photos of their mothers and users can nominate their mothers to be the leading candidate (the more views your mom's campaign poster gets, the more likely she is to become the leader).
Best of all - all members of the Moms Party will receive a coupon for free dessert throughout the month of May. This offer comes just in time for the arrival of Boston Market's newest dessert, too - the Tart Cherry Cobbler.”

For more information, go here: Now all I need to do is borrow a kid for the rest of the month…

Below: The dessert my own Ma is currently enjoying – sugar cookies for Mother’s Day from her son.

Look Over There (Where?):
If you look to the right, you’ll notice some cool new sites to check out, such as Beanpaste, Bella Nikkita, BipolarLawyerCook, The Cheap Book website, and TC Coupons.
Please feel free to visit any and all of these sites AFTER you are done reading my post. Thank you.

Let’s All Play Along:
Now for today’s group activity – Please answer the following three random questions. You can post your answers in the Comments section.
Why? Because sharing bizarre bits of information about oneself to complete strangers is FUN. And, also, FREE.
1. What song are you mostly likely to sing in the shower in the morning?
"Mein Heir" from Cabaret. It was a fine affair, but now it’s over.
2. What insect bothers you the most?
I hate them ALL. And yellow-and-black stinging things the most.
3. What is the weirdest thing you can recall wearing, in recent memory?

For me, it's this:

It’s supposed to be a crinoline for my Renaissance costume, but mostly it looks like a big, pink tutu. And there ain’t nothing wrong with that.

Big Pink Tutu, courtesy of Larue.


LaRue said...

Liar. You hate butterflies the most.

In the shower I tend to sing whatever the earworm that is playing in my head. Currently I believe it is boy bands from the 80s. (Backstreet's back, alright??) The insect that I hate the most is the fruit fly. HATE those little shits, especially when they are in my home because a small child has left something under a piece of furniture. Most unusual item of clothing? Hmm. I really don't think I have worn anything that weird. Maybe a shirt that is too big for me. I tend to try to be safe with clothing choices.

But I have an idea about re-doing your tutu. Call me and I will elucidate.

LaRue said...


Elucidate, illuminate, try not to hate, love your mate, the animal you ate...

sozzled said...

hmm, no one shower song.
bugs, it'd ahve to be those fast as hell millipedes.
and strangest thing I've worn lately has to be the Hooters XL that is sooo comfy and sort of the antithesis of how any Hooters shirt should fit that it makes me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

First of all, sozzled is the last person in the world I would imagine would OWN let alone WEAR a hooters t-shirt.
Second, carpenter ants inside. Shudder.
Third, full colonial costume to my son's school. That I made. From a historically accurate pattern.
Finally, not singing, because I got a sore throat for Mother's Day. That's what you get for wearing flip flops to the Twins game when it's raining and you have to walk to the car.

Anonymous said...

Don't sing in the shower, but I tend to belt out old Who songs on the commute. "Who are you" or "Don't get fooled again."


Insects? No doubt, black flies. Those little bastards.

Wearing in recent memory - gotta be Cisco hats.

-El Jefe

Michelle said...

1. In the shower, it's usually the most random and sometimes annoying song that I end up singing like, Nickelback or Bon Jovi.

2. I really don't like wasps, bees, or those huge milliped like things that race across floors.

3. Wow... I am stumped on the weirdest thing I've worn lately. I try to avoid odd clothing.

Marketing Mama said...

Hey chica - long time no see ya. New job keeping away from blogging, damn it.

1. annoying children's show theme songs. Right now it goes like this "deet, deet, de dee dee dee CALLIOU" which sounds like kai-you. anNOYing.

2. bees - because they inflict pain and that ticks me off. I also hate those creepy crawly millipeedy things someone else mentioned.

3. you don't really care, you just wanted to show off that picture of you in a tutu. ;)

mia said...

1. I've been humming to the Mamas and the Papas (but I did NOT sing Monday, Monday yesterday because that would have been TOO obvious).

2. I HATE those giant, scary, alien-like Potato Bugs/Jerusalem Crickets. Shudder.

3. Well, I almost purchased some super cute light blue pants the other day but then I looked in the fitting room mirror and realized the back of the pants were pretty much SEE THROUGH.