Monday, May 5, 2008

Manic Monday, The Return

Above: My cup runneth over. Actually it’s my hair care product that’s running over, but that lacks poetry.

Tip (Part Two) Of The Day: Damn the man! Or rather, Target! If they won’t carry what I need, I’ll take my dollars elsewhere, like Walgreens.

Tip For Tomorrow: It’s still going to be the tips about dress shopping. Haven’t changed my mind. I’m stubborn that way.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: I have posted long and loud about how my happy place, aka Target, has stopped carrying certain things I need. Namely, Sunsilk’s Anti-Flat styling cream – but then they also stopped stocking Herbal Essence’s Break’s Over split-end cream, and they NEVER have carried more than one flavor of Suave’s Exhale body lotions.

If it weren’t for the Totino’s Party Pizzas they sell for just 99 cents, I don’t know if I’d even continue to shop there.

Okay, clearly that was a lie. Moving on.

In the interest of fair play, I though maybe it was just MY Target that didn’t carry these beauty products, and perhaps I should check out a few other stores. So I did. Two of them, to be exact. And they are ALL cracked – none of them stock Anti-Flat, Break’s Over OR Suave Exhale in any other flavor but Lavender and Vanilla.

What. The. Hell.

So in a fit of pique (a phrase I don’t get to say nearly enough) one night, I stomped over to Walgreen’s to see what they had. And that’s where I uncovered Hair Nirvana. No, not hair that looks like Kurt Cobain’s. Ugh. Who wants that? No, I mean True Hair Product GLORY.

They had not one, not two, but THREE BOTTLES of Sunsilk Anti-Flat Weightless Volumizing Crème. And not just any Sunsilk Anti-Flat, either. Oh no, they had the old formula, the one with the crazy-happy woman on the bottle. The stuff that was SO AWESOME, before Sunsilk reformulated it and the product became MERELY GOOD.

But that’s not even the best part. Walgreen’s has these “stock up and save” specials where if you buy 2, you get 1 FREE. So I got all three bottles for the price of two. See the girl on the bottle? Shakin’ her hair around in unbridled glee? THAT IS HOW I FELT.

Needless to say, when styling my hair the next morning I was filled with joy. The old Anti-Flat formula is so much better, it makes me think that Sunsilk is kinda cracked (like Target) for changing it. Why mess with a perfect thing? The old stuff smells like bananas (in a good and oddly appealing way), is moisturizing as well as volumizing, and isn’t sticky. Unlike the new stuff, which is a bit drying, sticky, and smells like nasty, make-the-inside-of-my-nose-tickle chemicals.

Sadly, though, the new formula for Sunsilk’s Anti-Flat is still better than any other hair product I’ve tried. And I have tried many. Another sad thing – when those three bottles are gone, just think of how bereft I’ll feel.

So let me ask you a question. What product did you used to love, until the manufacturer “improved” it? Go ahead and vent, it will make us all feel better.


LaRue said...

Hmm. I would like to say that I was fond of Microsoft, but I don't think I was ever fond of Microsoft.

I LOVED Biolage's Normalizing Conditioner. Then they stopped making it. What are we folks with normalized hair to do? Huh?

mia said...

Citre Shine shampoo--I used it about 5 years ago and loved it, then it disappeared, then it showed up again However, it is not the same-it left my hair dull and hard to manage. I don't think I'm going to buy it again.

Jennifer said...


I award you the Excellent Blog Award for being fabulous!!! Come and get it!!!

PS. Just copy and paste to get it,lol!

Anonymous said...

It was Salon Selectives shampoo and conditioner for me. I loved the smell. I can't remember if they "improved" it or not, but they stopped making it. I heard a rumor that it may be back on the market. Sounds like something I need to Google...


Anonymous said...

Loreal Voluminous mascara. The original 3x formula was the best. They have revamped it with a 4x that is sticky and clumpy! Yuk! They have something out now called naturale. Looks like the original voluminous so I might try it. It's been over ten yrs since the original and I still can't get over it!

standing still said...

The presidency, without the jackass.

Otherwise, I'm just too old and have had too many things change. Perhaps pnut butter in glass jars, because the plastic is just so ewwww against the slippery pnut butter.

tundrababe said...

Ha! I just wrote about Wallgreens. I like going there for stuff like make-up and hair care products. They have a huge selection and awesome coupons and sales.

Manufacturer improvement usually sucks...unless they are taking a toxic ingredient out.