Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Gather Ye Dresses While Ye May

Tip Of The Day: Tips on when and how to go dress shopping. Otherwise known as An Excuse To Buy Something Pretty. And Possibly Shiny.

Tip For Tomorrow: Even more excuses to go shopping. I know, like you needed one, right?

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: You know that feeling you get when you have a big event to attend – a wedding, a funeral, a hot date in Vegas – and you realize you having nothing to wear

So you run out to the nearest mall, try on every dress in stock, hate everything you put on, shell out way too much money for a dress that’s too small/big/unflattering/inappropriate/insert descriptor here. Then you go to your event feeling less than fabulous, plus you broke your bank account to feel that way.

I hate over-spending on ANYTHING, let alone something I don’t completely love. If I’m going to splash out on a big purchase, it better be something AWESOME. Like Manolos. Or a house. Or a house filled with Manolos.

Therefore, a few years back (10, in case you were wondering), I just started buying dresses when I found them. If the frock in question was cute, flattering, and on sale, I bought it.

I randomly purchased a slinky black number, a short flouncy black number, a purple patterned faux wrap number… you get the point. And not a single one of them was bought for any other reasons than – A. They were cute, and B. They were on sale/clearance/practically FREE.

Lately, I’ve been finding a ton of (well, okay, three) dresses, none of which max out about $18, let alone $20. One you’ve already seen here:


One you haven’t seen yet, because Larue is having someone removing the pockets for me. They hit right at my saddlebags, making an already large body part look larger. Once the offending fabric is removed you’ll be treated to a photo extravaganza! Lucky you.

And one of the three dresses is this little number here:

I got it at the Saver’s in Bloomington for $14.99. Larue demanded that I buy it, because hello? It’s RED. And HOT. And COMPLETELY ELIMINATES MY HIPS. In short, it is the perfect dress.
So here is your tip of the day: If you find an awesome dress on sale that makes you look like a million bucks, just buy it. Who cares if you have an occasion to wear it? One will eventually present itself, and you’ll be prepared. Like a good Girl Scout.


LaRue said...

I am so glad I forced you to purchase that dress. It really is fabulous.

Too bad there wasn't a dress for me... SOB

Meg Tredinnick said...

Congrats on your award from Jennifer at Sisterly Savings:)

Tundrababe said...

That dress is gorgeous! What a great Savers find. The only cute stuff I ever unearth there is Mr. Rogers style cardigans from the men's section.