Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Incredible, Inedible Ped Egg

Bonus points for how cute it is!

Tip Of The Day: After bazillions of you guys (okay, five) insisted I try it, I finally bought a Ped Egg.

Tip For Tomorrow: This week on Group Therapy Thursday, your cheapest form of psychiatric help, we will discuss the stuff we do or feel that makes us feel guilty. The first step to overcoming guilt is admitting the guilt. Or at least, it’s a first step for something in the world of psychology. Close enough.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Last week, when I confessed to splurging on pedicures, the blogosphere rose up enmasse to demand I buy a Ped Egg.

For those of you not in the know, a Ped Egg is an As Seen On TV product, which promises pedicure-smooth skin at a fraction of the cost for a trip the salon. You rub the Egg on the soles of your feet, and voila! Smooth skin.

I was skeptical of the Egg, as I have inch-thick callused skin on my heels and balls of feet. Only the judicial application of a straight razor, wielded by my knowledgeable and blood-thirsty nail tech, has managed to keep the sitch under control. And the skin grows back within weeks – I know, LOVELY image.

However, I bowed to the urgings of my readers and hied myself to Walgreens this afternoon to pick up an Egg. They cost $9.99 (As Advertised! so says the sign), plus tax – putting the Egg well within my $20 boundary.

I rushed the Ped Egg home, and that’s where I made my first happy discovery:

Note the easy-to-open clamshell packaging? LOVE THAT.

Then, I took out all the pieces for inspection:

Next, I read the instructions (VERY simple, love that, too) and put my Egg together. It resembles nothing as much as a cheese grater for your feet. But? It IS ergonomically correct, and feels nice in your hand. Non-fatiguing and all that – which is good, considering just how long it will take me to remove blechy heel skin.

Isn’t the Egg cute? Like I said, bonus points for appearance:

Last, I applied the Egg to my nasty heels. And here are my findings:
It actually removes the hard dead skin on my heels, and I didn’t have to soak them for 20 minutes first.
The Egg is comfortable to use, and doesn’t remove too much skin at once, so you can build up to your desired level of skin removal.
The instructions are very simple and fool-proof. Good for us fools, no?
At $9.99 plus tax, it’s much cheaper than a $35 pedicure.
The base of the Egg traps most (but only most) of the dead skin you’ve grated off.
It comes with a buffer, to further smooth your skin after you’ve grated it. USE THE BUFFER.
The Egg will NEVER remove as much dead skin as quickly as a nail tech in a salon.
It’s going to take repeated use over time to achieve the same results I get in 1 hour at my salon.
The dead skin does NOT stay completely within the Egg. When you change directions or shift the Egg, shavings drift out. Ick.
I recommend grating your feet over a garbage can (see above), or be prepared to wipe up your floor.

In sum, this is a good product, and I give it an 8 out of 10. Best of all, it will extend the time between my pedicures, which saves me money, which is the whole point of the Egg.

So skibble of to Walgreens and pick yourself up an Ped Egg today. Your feet, and everyone who has to look at them, will thank you.


Jennifer said...

oooh, I've been wanting to try this out! Thanks for the details, I may just go and buy one now!!

LaRue said...

Aren't they fab? LOVE THEM.

Max said...

Yikes, I know that girls are into pedicures and suchlike jazz, but the thought of taking a cheese grater to my hind paws just gives me the heebie jeebies.

Then again, I am totally wimpy about things like that such as peeling off a scab or a hang nail.

Anonymous said...

Grated heel cheese. Delicious.