Thursday, June 12, 2008

Guilty As Sin

Except sinning is WAY more fun than feeling guilty.

Tip Of The Day: It’s time for Group Therapy Thursday, your weekly FREE psychiatry session. This week, the Group will discuss the stuff that we do that we feel guilty about.

Tip For Tomorrow: A soupcon of frugality! I’m going to test run yet another hair care product, in my quest to find a replacement for my dwindling Sunsilk supply. I also have Big Sale reminders, and I plan on putting a beauty myth to rest. Tune in tomorrow for good, frugal fun.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: As you know, Thursdays at Cheap But Not Easy are dedicated to the pursuit of higher consciousness and psychiatric assistance. In other words, I pose a goofy topic, and invite the blogosphere to share their thoughts.

This week’s goofy topic… I mean deeply introspective probe into our collective psyches, is about guilt. What are you currently doing or thinking that you feel guilty for doing or thinking. For example, are you thinking about selling your children to the gypsies, because the thought of the little darlings being home from school for the next three months is THAT TERRIFYING?

As usual with Group Therapy Thursday, I’ll share first. You’ll get your chance in just a moment.

What I feel guilty about:

1. I am not nearly supportive enough of my fellow womankind. I try to be, but then there times when I want to drop-kick the members of my sex on their collective rears.
For example, the chick who wrote Gorgeously Green, Sophie Uliano? I want to like her and I want to like her book, I really do. Honest.
But COME ON, SISTER. Julia Roberts is like, your best friend. No wonder you got published, and got to meet Oprah, and are a media darling, and appear on every other TV/radio/cable show in town. If Julia Roberts was MY best friend, I’d have my own damn show by now, and a book, and a Major Motion Picture about my LIFE.
I want to be supportive, but my brain is all, “Humph. She didn’t really earn what she’s got, it was given to her. Yet another example of nepotism at its finest. And, more importantly, why don’t I know anyone who can nepotize ME?”

2. I really, REALLY want to spend more than $20 on stuff. Like, a LOT. For example part two, I need a pair of black, feathered wings for my Raven costume for the Bristol Ren Fest. And I want these wings here.

Aren’t they COOL? Aren’t they so worth the $29 price tag? But I can’t buy them, or I’ll break my shopping vow (which you would think would be easier to keep than say, a vow of chastity. But IT’S NOT.). So I hang out on, drooling over them. I’ll probably end up buying a lesser pair that I don’t love, like these.

I know, we’re fighting a war, we’re headed for a recession, the job and housing markets are down – there are other things I should be worrying about. I shouldn’t be obsessed with a pair of completely unnecessary wings. And that brings me to guilty item number three…

3. I obsess about (and spend time and money on) things that don’t truly matter. Like the condition of my pedicure, or my various Ren Fest costumes (see above), or which celebrity is dating the other (Cameron Diaz, keep your claws OFF my future husband, Gerard Butler, or there will be Hell To Pay.).
Instead, I need to focus on the important stuff, like prospecting for real estate clients, completing my Fabulous New Web Site, improving my TV appearances, and giving you guys the best frugal living tips OF ALL TIME.

And not whether Britney Spears will be appearing next season on “How I Met Your Mother.”

Now that I have shared with the Group, it’s your turn. What behavior of yours do you feel guilty about? And, do you plan to change that naughty behavior?

I know, I didn’t answer that last question, did I? Okay, how’s this: I’m Working On It. Quit Judging Me.


LaRue said...

And how wonderful am I that I prevented you from using your eBay proceeds to justify your wing expense?

What I feel guilty about: a tiny bit for going off on my boss at work today. Otherwise? I feel guilty about the large quantities of fabric of which I have PLANS for, but have not yet used and it is languishing away.

There is likely more, but I need to keep that to myself...

Ben said...

Cheap Chick said, "And not whether Britney Spears will be appearing next season on “How I Met Your Mother.”"

CORRECTION: "And not whether Britney Spears will be RUINING ANOTHER EPISODE OF “How I Met Your Mother.”" The show does not need stunt casting people!

To add my two cents, I feel guilty about procrastinating so much! I know I work better when I am rushed, so I just stress myself out and wait until the last minute to do things. I'll have all the time in the world prior to, but it is more fun to look at pop culture crap and do other fun things than accomplish tasks!

The Material Girl said...

The shorter answer is what don't I feel guilty about? Let's analyze: I am a type-A, perfectionist, Catholic mother. Seriously. It's a continual battle.