Friday, June 13, 2008

Just A Spoonful Of Frugal

Helps the bills you have to pay… go down? Well, no, not really, but it may make paying those bills a tiny bit easier. Close enough.

Tip Of The Day: A re-review of a hair product, a re-reminder of a Big Sale, new reminders of other sales, and a Beauty Myth (actually, more like a beauty CLAIM) busted. It’s all in a day’s work, folks.

Tip For The Weekend: I’ve been working on my “Fun and Inexpensive Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer” (it’s the working title) segment for this Tuesday, and I was reminded of my most favorite playground.
Those of us in the know call it Chutes and Ladders, but its real name is Hyland Park in Bloomington. Check it out this weekend – you WON’T be disappointed. Unless you dislike playgrounds, and kids, and kids playing, and play in general. Then you’ll hate it. But then you’d hate most everything, I suspect.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Today’s post can be broken down into 4 easy-to-use segments, 2 about Hair, and 2 about Sales. Let’s begin with Hair, shall we?

Hair Segment Number One: About a month ago, I reviewed Garnier Fructis’s Sleek & Shine Sheer Conditioning Glaze. It wasn’t the most flattering of reviews, and perhaps I was a bit premature in my condemnation of the product.
Why? Because I’ve actually discovered a valid use for it – keeping my hair weighted down and tidy when I wear it a ponytail or twist. I don’t want to waste my precious bottles of Sunsilk Anti-flat for a don’t-feel-like-drying-my-whole-head up do. So instead, I slap on a quarter-sized dollop of the Garnier, dry my bangs, and throw the rest of my hair up. Eww. That last bit sounds like I get hairballs, doesn’t it? Moving on.
So, if you need a product to control your hair, but not make it sticky or stiff when you are wearing it up, the Conditioning Glaze is perfect. And as always, it smells really nice. Like fruit yogurt, or a fruity drink. Oooo, doesn’t a daiquiri sound good right about now? But I digress.

Hair Segment Number Two: See this product here? It is a LIE.

This is a Goody Ouchless ponytail holder, and guess what? It is still ouchy. Just because they removed the metal band thingy that used to hold the circle together, doesn’t mean the holder won’t yank out your hair. Thus, the ouch.

Here’s the bitter truth – ALL hair accessories hurt and pull out your hair. So do combs and brushes. The only way you can avoid unnecessary hair removal is by NEVER TOUCHING IT. Which, as we know, doesn’t look very pretty.
Check out Kate Hudson’s son, Ryder, if you don’t believe me. Seriously, when are they going to cut his hair? He’s starting to resemble Crystal Gayle.

So I am busting this beauty claim. Those ponytail holder things are not Ouchless, they are only Slightly Less Ouchless But Will Still Rip Out Your Hair Even If You Are Being Careful. I guess that name is too long to fit on the packaging, though.

Let’s now move on to the Sale portion of today’s post, shall we?

Sale Segment Number One: The lovely ladies at Nu Look Consignment in Minneapolis want me to remind you of their 50% Off The Store Sale coming up on Thursday, July 10th.
If you’ve never been to this sale, I strongly recommend you go. In fact, if you live outside the great state of MN, perhaps you should plan your summer vacation here, to coincide with the sale. Ooo, and then we can all hang out afterwards! And have drinks and snacks! Doesn’t that sound like an AWESOME vacation idea?

Sale Segment Number Two: For those of you who A. don’t live in MN and B. have ready access to the Web, here are some online sales for you to peruse. Just don’t peruse when your boss is looking:
Hanna Andersson is having their “big big twice a year hannasale” (their title, not mine). You can save up to 60% off their original prices. WARNING: If you are my SIL, step away from your computer. You know you have no control when it comes to buying Piglet clothing. And you already went nuts at the Hanna Outlet.
For the rest of you, shop on!
2. Victoria’s Secret is having their Semi-Annual Sale, and you can save up to 60% on their loot, plus their clearance items are off the chain, as the kids say. They have the best selection online, but hit one of their stores first to have a proper bra fitting. Trust me, it’s soooooo worth it.
3. Bath and Body Works is having their BIG Semi-Annual Sale (I guess by saying BIG it makes it bigger than Victoria’s sale), with their Signature Collection Classics selling for just $20 for 6 items. And if you spend $15 or more online, you can get a cute “Lush Orchid Tote” for $5. If you want one – otherwise, just say no.
Alright people, go forth into the world and be frugal.


Manager Mom said...

Ha.. I am wondering when they're finally going to de-girlify that Hudson kid as well. She has claimed in interviews that he likes it ... but it's a parent's job to gently steer your kid to not look like Cousin It, that's my theory...

Marketing Mama said...

Hey Cheap Chick- here's a tip on some free entertainment for Father's Day - an open house at the Crystal Airport. We did this last year on Father's Day and it was lots of fun for my toddler boy and his dad to see the airplanes up close - sit in one - you can even pay for a ride...

Larue said...

Have you seen Celine Dion's son's hair. Seriously. She has millions of dollars. She can't afford a pair of clippers?

Anonymous said...

I have worked the semi-annual clearance when I was a vicki's employee. Let me just say, it's more fun for the shopper. Ick. Retail.