Wednesday, July 16, 2008

It’s eBay, Baby

Tip Of The Day: The stuff I’m selling on eBay as we speak, and tips to get the most bang for your buck when you sell YOUR stuff. Just don’t bogart my sales.

Tip For Tomorrow: A little inexpensive joy for the blogosphere, because I’ve had a crappy and expensive week, folks. Very frugal health and beauty product reviews, to help keep you cheap and healthy and beautiful.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: If you’ve read Cheap But Not Easy a time or two before, you know that I go to the MN Renaissance Festival in costume. And that this year I’m also going to the Bristol Ren Faire in costume. Which means, I need a lot of costumes, folks.

Luckily for me, my BFF Larue is a talented seamstress, and has nearly completed my Raven costume (the bird, not the Disney show). However, her sewing talents do not extend to making feather wings. I know! What the heck? She’s such a slacker…

So I had to go to The Land Where Everything Is For Sale, Including Someone’s Soul – And there I found the wings of my dreams. But for more than $20. Ouch.

Fortunately, I thought up a PLAN. I’d sell other peoples’ stuff (namely my BFF HaC’s stuff) on eBay as a trade-off. She pays for part of my wings, I sell her what-have-you. It’s a win-win situation, otherwise known as bartering. For a lovely definition of what bartering is, go here

Anyhoo, I finally got of my dead ass and listed HaC’s first item:

You can check out the listing (oooooo, and bid on it!) here
. I also listed a pair of boots – which feels like selling one of my children, but I’m running out of closet space.

You can bid on those lovely boots of my heart here. Or buy them now. Whichever works best for you.

For those of you who have never sold a think on eBay, you might now be wondering, “How can I get in on that action? How can I sell my unwanted stuff and make millions? Also, how long will Brangelina wait to sell their twins’ first pictures?”

You’re in luck; I can help you with the first two questions. As for the third, try watching Extra or Inside Edition for all your celeb news.

The Cheap Chick’s Easy eBay Tips:

1. Do your research. Go online and find the retail price of the item you are selling, if possible. Also, search on to see if your product is already for sale, and for how much. Check out the competitor’s listing, including their shipping costs. Many sellers tend to jack up their shipping costs, which Chaps My Hide.

2. Take REALLY good pictures. Your pictures will be what sell your item. Make sure they show the product in its best light, but don’t hide any flaws. You should not lie about the condition of the merch. Trust me, it WILL come back to haunt you.

3. Write up a description of the product before you start the listing process. That way you can spell-check it and make sure you didn’t forget any important details, like sizing or color.

4. Be detailed, but don’t overload the listing with needless information. No one cares where you bought the item, but they do care what it’s made out of and how to take care of it.

5. Your first picture is free, and the next three pictures cost 15 cents each. USE ALL THREE PICTURES. The more photos, the better.

6. There is a Buy It Now option for just 5-10 cents. If you want, put in a price you’d be happy with, but remember, it could hurt the bidding. If people know what you’d sell it for, why would they bid more than the Buy It Now price?

7. If you do enough buying and selling on eBay, like Larue does, you qualify for deals like 25 cent listings and coupons for the things you buy.

There you go, just a few tips to get you started. Now my Enquiring Mind Wants To Know, what is the best thing you ever bought or sold on eBay?


Meg Tredinnick said...

I bought my mom a cladaugh ring with her birthstone, she loved it!

Mrs. G. said...

Thanks for these tips. I have a box of stuff I would like to sell.

Melanie said...

Best thing: a flawless little suitcase of mint-condition Disney record books from the 60's & 70's (just like the ones I had as a wee lass!) for only eight bucks. I love listening to them with my own wee lass.

Nostalgia is eBay's bread and butter, isn't it?

Kristie said...

Some of my best sales on Ebay were clinique samples. You know, those gift with purchase things. I sold one set for $15.00.

Another little ditty that I sold was a very small plastic airplane salt and pepper shaker. It was from Aloha airlines and they went out of business in March. The shaker was on our trays in first class. I scored $10.50 for that little sucker.

LaRue said...

Sorry I couldn't make some wings for you. I was busy creating a new cosmos and then adding some additional animals to Australia. Its hard to be omnipotent, but oh well.

My best sale on eBay? A large needlepoint canvas I bought at a garage sale that sold for 6x what I paid for it. Crazy. My best purchase? Fabric. Its always fabric.

Amy the Mom said...

The best sale I ever made on eBay was a Bill the Cat stuffed animal that I purchased at the Goodwill for fifty cents and sold for fifty DOLLARS. I don't know how many thousand percents that is-but it's a lot!

Best buy? Hmmm...probably a purse...too many great purchases on eBay.