Thursday, July 17, 2008

C’mon Get Happy!

Tip Of The Day: My life has been so gloom and doom lately, it’s time for a little beauty product joy. Read on to learn what cheap stuff I’m loving and that you could love, too.

Tip For Tomorrow: The cheapest (FREE) and shortest weight-loss book you’ll ever read. Available only at Cheap But Not Easy. Ooooo, THAT got your attention, didn’t it? Well, you’ll just have to come back tomorrow for the details.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Feature above is the photographic representation of my joy, otherwise known as the beauty products I’m reviewing today. Yes, some are repeats. Deal.

Let’s begin with an old favorite of mine, freshly rediscovered – Aim toothpaste. I love Aim to an crazy-bad degree. It tastes so damn good, I have to physically restrain myself from eating the whole tube. As it is, I’ve been brushing my teeth every five minutes, just for the flavor. Screw the health benefits, gimme more of that yummy gel. And at only $1.34 a tube at Cub Foods, I can indulge all I want.

Next is another old fave, one I’ve mentioned before in these faux-pages – Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque, now with Bonus 33% More! Actually, it’s always 33% more. I’ve never seen the smaller tubes anywhere, and believe me, I’VE LOOKED.
The Queen contains sulfur, which my dermatologist told me was key to killing zits. Plus it has Kaolin Clay, which zaps the oil straight out of your pores. All that for just $3.49 for the big tube. It’ll last you until you die.

Once I’m done oil-zapping, I like to replenish the moisture in my face with this – Pond’s Dry Skin Cream, which costs around $6.50 for 6.5 oz. Some folks might pooh-pooh the Cream because it contains mineral oil. I guess mineral oil can cause issues for people prone to breakouts or sensitive skin types. However, I’ve never had the it cause a breakout, and my very sensitive skin has never reacted to it.
But then, my skin seems to only react negatively to strong sunlight and nasty comments like “you’re looking old today.” Not mineral oil.

I also can’t say enough pleasant things about Ulta’s line of make-up. Here’s what I love best – all their eye shadows are sold in individual pots, like the in the picture, for $6.50 each. And NOT in a big compact with other eye colors you will never use. I like to pick and choose which colors go on my eyes for myself, and not be at the mercy of some color-blind fool working at Revlon. Or Maybelline. Or Cover Girl. Seriously, have you SEEN their eye shadow compacts? WTF?
At Ulta, I get the exact colors I want, like this one called Passion Berry. (Really? In my next life, I want to come back as a person who names the colors for cosmetic companies. That would be the BEST.)

Last, but not least, actually THE MOST IMPORTANT, I give you my very favorite, least expensive beauty product EVER – Wet N Wild’s Dual-Sided Pencil Sharpener. AKA, the only sharpener you need. Don’t be tricked into buying the more expensive brands’ sharpeners (Revlon, once again, I MEAN YOU), because they suck rocks. And cost more, which is just insult to injury.

For just $1, you’ll get the very best sharpener that will last all eternity. Unless you’re an idiot like me, and accidently throw it away one day. Like I did with my old one. Causing me to be unsharpened for DAYS until I replaced it with that shiny new one. It was a minor tragedy, folks.

That’s what I’m in love with today, so what about you? What cheap beauty products are putting a spring in your step?
Also! If you live in radio range of The Cooper Lawrence Show (FM 107 in the Twin Cities), tune in tonight at 8:30 to hear us babble even MORE about cheap beauty products. Trust me, we are AWESOME.


LaRue said...

I want to come back as the person who gets to name the flavors of ice cream at Ben & Jerry's, or DQ. Uh huh.

Manager Mom said...

I am loving the Burt's Bees lip shimmers. Relative to chapstick they're expensive but compared to lipsticks, they're a bargain...

Ann said...

All about W&W's kohl stick, cannot beat it - smudges just right!

Anonymous said...

Dental floss is my cheapest beauty product. Cannot live without it.

Kaye said...

You can buy single eyeshadows at You may or may not like their make up (I do), but it's even less money than your feature.

Just a thought! =)