Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Revised)

Tip Of The Day: No, it’s not Christmas, it’s the best sale in the TC EVER. What happens when you take a store full of inexpensive and lovely things, then discount them 50%? You create Nirvana, people, and I’m not talking about Kurt Cobain.

Tip For Tomorrow: It’s been awhile, but I think it’s time for Group Therapy Thursday, your cheapest form of psychiatric help. This week’s topic: The Stuff You Buy To Make It All Better. What do you treat yourself to when the going gets too rough? And how much are you willing to spend on retail therapy?

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Do you know what day it is tomorrow? Well, yes, it’s Thursday July 10, 2008. But do you know the significance of that date? No, it’s not my birthday – that’s January 27th (feel free to start planning for it now). Tomorrow’s date is almost as exciting as that of my birth.

Can you guess what it is? Should I tell you? Are you starting to get annoyed with me?

Okay, FINE. So much for the build-up. Tomorrow is the first day of Nu Look Consignment Apparel’s
Semi-Annual 50% Off EVERYTHING In The Store Sale. That means all their adorable, gently-worn spring and summer clothes are half off.

Nu Look carries high-end stuff, too, like Lily Pulitzer, Tahari, Kate Spade, and Prada (PRADA!). And think about this – the consigned goods start out at a fraction of their full-price brand-new amount. And then that low price is cut in half. It’s like they’re GIVING AWAY PRADA. Well, not quite, but I’ve found it on sale there for as low as $26. For Prada (PRADA!). Not to mention regular name-brands like Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, The Gap, Express, you get the idea.

So stop by Nu Look tomorrow. And plan to go early and stay late – consignment shopping takes time. Which reminds me; here are some tips on shopping at a consignment store:

First: Have an idea of what items you’re looking for, whether it’s shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, whatever you need to round out your closet.

Second: Try on every “I need it” item you can find in your size and price range. You never know how something looks until it’s actually on your body.

Third: Check for flaws. Consignment goods tend to be better sorted and in better condition than your regular thrift store finds, but it’s still smart to double-check. Plus, if you find any boo-boos, you can use them to bargain down the price even further.

Fourth: Look at (at least) one item you don’t really need. For me, that’s dresses. I’m always trying on dresses, even if I don’t have a big event coming up. And if I find something super-flattering for a great price, I’ll buy it. I’d rather have a dress waiting for an event, then engage in last-minute dress shopping panic. Nothing good ever comes from shopping for dresses under duress.

Fifth: Before you leave, scope out their costume jewelry. I never used to, until one day I was waiting for what seemed to be HOURS as Larue paid for her Nu Look purchases. And that’s when I found this necklace.
Now I always check out the jewelry before I leave, just to be on the safe side.

So if you live in the TC, don’t forget to swing by the sale. For the rest of you non-TCians, try this: Google-search for consignment stores in your area. Pick one that sounds cool and check it out. Who knows what cheap and fabulous delights you’ll find?


LaRue said...

So sorry to make you have to SHOP MORE while I checked out. How horrible. All that SHOPPING.


Parker said...

Not sure if it will bother you or not, but I would SO want someone to tell me!

Tomorros is July 10, not June 10.

Don't be mad at me or think I am being nit-picky. Just an FYI! :)

Rachel (aka Parker's Mom)

Parker said...


I see I have an error there too.

Yes, I know how to spell "tomorrow." Hee hee!

Rachel (aka Parker's Mom)

Anonymous said...

Check out Bargain Betty's in New Prague, MN.

Michelle said...

The Nu Look sale sounds wonderful! I'll have to check that out. Especially since I need to engage in some last minute dress buying panic. My cousin's wedding is less than a month away, and alas I have nada to wear.

mia said...

oooh...I actually love Lilly Pulitzer stuff. Normally, I wear a LOT of blac...but something about those palm trees, bright colors, and dancing animals is very appealing. (Except I would NEVER EVERY pay full price for it!)