Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A Million Scotsmen Can’t Be Wrong

Tip Of The Day: As a companion piece to my Fox 9 segment, cheap(er) golf. In particular, which courses are the best value in the TC, according to Golf Digest and the people I work with. Because everyone knows that all Realtors do is hang out on the golf course.

Tip For Tomorrow: The first day of the Best Sale In The Twin Cities, plus tips on how to get the most out of consignment store shopping.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: It’s sad, and a betrayal to my Scottish ancestors, but I do not golf. Don’t know how, don’t care to learn, don’t feel like spending my money on it. However, I don’t hate golf or those who play it. How could I hate a sport that hales from Scotland? That’d be like hating Gerard Butler, which is just crazy talk.

I may not know how to golf, but I do know a value when it slaps me in the face (stupid, rude value). So here are six TC course recommendations from Golf Digest.com and the guys I work with:

1. Bunker Hills Golf Course
in Coon Rapids. I hosted a tournament here in a past career life, so I can highly recommend the club house. I hear the course is nice, too.

2. Chominix Golf Course
in Lino Lakes. My loan officer, John, recommended this course, and he’s Scottish AND a good golfer. So he knows his stuff, people.

3. River Oaks Public Golf Course
in Cottage Grove. This course has views of the river rolling by, which won’t improve your game, but at least it’s pretty to look at. Or you can throw your clubs in it if you get pissed off.

4. Oak Glen Golf Course
in Stillwater. I shot my segment here, and I can say without a doubt, this place has KILLER customer service and gorgeous greens. Say hi to Mark if you go.

5. Baker National Golf Course
in Medina. If you don’t feel like golfing, or if your game is going badly – quit. Then take a relaxing stroll through the Baker Park Reserve, where this course is located.

6. Sawmill Golf Club
in Stillwater. Stillwater has an insane amount of golf courses per capita. I guess living that close to Wisconsin inspires people to go golfing. Or drink beer. Anyhoo, this one was recommended by another colleague, and is on the same road as Oak Glen.

If you want to save even more money on golf, here are a few tips from actual golfers who know more than I do and are as cheap as I am:

A. If you are just learning to golf, or want to goof off and have fun, OR if you just want to play a quick round, check out an Executive Course. Executive Courses have only 9 holes, and cost usually less than half the price for a round of 18 holes.

B. Skip work and golf during the week. Here is a perfect reason to play hooky – weekday prices are less than weekend. Sometimes up to $8 less, which isn’t chump change.

C. If you have to work, golf in the evening. Most courses offer twilight rates, which can be up to $15 less than the regular rates. Plus, the days are long enough to get in a full 18 holes after 4 p.m. IF you don’t dawdle.

D. Check out the course’s website for specials. Sometimes they’ll have special deals online, like 2 for 1 greens fees.

Well, that just about expends all my golfing knowledge. If you have any tips (besides Don’t Golf, It’s Cheaper Not To), please feel free to post them in the Comments section. And here’s to hitting a birdie – which is a good thing, apparently. Just not for the bird.


LaRue said...

FOr those who actually want to play golf south of the river (pick your river), the Richfield course isn't bad. And I hear Interlochen in Edina is pretty good. Braemar in Edina has an indoor range for in the winter.

And I can recommend some rockin' putt-putt places...

Anonymous said...

If anyone gets The Sun Post (Local paper for some communities), there is a coupon on the second page for Theodore Wirth Mpls Golf. You can get 9 holes for $8 if you want to walk, and if you want a cart, you get 9 holes for $14. I dont golf, so I dont know if its a good deal, but it looked like it to me. Its for the Par 3 course, and is good till the end of July. So if anyone gets the Sun Post or Sun paper, check it out.

LaRue said...

Apparently (after speaking with the Fabulous Drew) it woul appear that I don't know what I am talking about. It would seem that the Richfield course is no more - the airport ate it. Just so you know.