Monday, July 7, 2008

Crafting For Complete Loser-Beings

If I can do it, so can each and every person on the Earth. Yes, it’s THAT easy.

Tip Of The Day: A cheap AND easy way to get the earrings you want, without scouring the stores and spending too much on something that kind of works, but not really. And getting pissed off and returning the offensive, over-priced pair, then assuaging your annoyance with a new pair of shoes.

Tip For Tomorrow: I don’t golf, but I DO have cute new golf clothes and a line on some of the best places to golf in the TC for the best value. Plus other golf/money-saving tips.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it half a million times (because I’m repetitive like that), I do not do crafting. I lack any and all skill at the womanly arts. It’s a wonder I don’t live in complete filth, existing on half-baked Totino's Party Pizzas and watery Ramen noodles.

However, I’ve also let it be known on these faux-pages that I plan on wearing a Raven costume to the Bristol Renaissance Faire. Once again, no. Not the Raven from That’s So Raven, the Raven from Indio-European mythology. The Raven King, The Trickster and all that. Except Queen, not King, and the only trick I know is “I’ve Got Your Nose.”

And for those of you wondering how a Raven fits in with the Renaissance please note that both Bristol and the MN Festival allow for many fantasy characters. Bristol even has a Fairy Realm, where a mythological creature like the Raven would feel right at home. Now, let me reiterate – they allow FANTASY creatures, NOT Sci-Fi. Please, no more with the Star Wars costumes like this.

But I digress.

Anyway, I needed to find cool silver feather earrings to go with my costume. And although feather jewelry was HUGE a year or two ago, good luck finding anything nowadays.

I was afraid I would have to borrow earrings (which is fine, but I really wanted my own, so I could dress in my Raven costume at a moment’s notice, without any of the pieces missing. What? Why does that sound strange to you?), until I wandered into the beading department at Joann Fabric. And found these for $4:

‘They would make perfect earrings for my outfit,’ thought I, ‘I wonder if I could actually make them myself.’ Then, I found the earring hook-y-dos that the feathers could dangle from.

All those for just 99 cents. In that moment, I knew that even my non-crafty self could make a pair of earrings. Here’s how:
Open the little loop dealie at the bottom of the hook-y-do.
String the feather by its loop dealie – see it there at the top of the feather?
Close back up the opened loop dealie, so the feather won’t fall off during vigorous Ravening.
My tool of choice? A tweezers. Apparently I do not own needle-nose pliers.

Wanna see the results? Sure you do:

And look! They hang from my ears and everything. All this for just $5 and tax. Plus I had a 10% off coupon, so who’s the thrifty girl?

Lesson learned? The next time you need a very EXACT pair of earrings, or a necklace, scope out your local craft store and see if you can make it yourself for less money. That way, you get EXACTLY what you want, and save time and money in the process. Plus, you are filled with the warm glow that comes with Doing It For Yourself.


Kristie said...

Those are adorable.

Manager Mom said...

I will take your tip when I get over my phobia of dangling earrings.

If you wanted REAL feathers, I would direct you to your local neighborhood smoking paraphanelia shop...they have LOTs and LOTS of real feathers on their roach clips. Or so I've heard.

Anonymous said...

to be REALLY thrify you should've checked the Sunday ads for their 40% off coupon. they almost always have them..........

Anonymous said...

I must be missing something (like that never happens) but did you just spend $5 and do the work yourself to avoid spending $4?

El Jefe

LaRue said...

So glad you could join me on another trip to Joann's, my home away from home, where they all know my name. And when are you putting up pictures of your poufy, poufy skirt?

The Cheap Chick said...

El Jefe - no, I spent $5 total to avoid shopping endlessly for something I'd never find. But I understand your confusion.

Nikki said...

Definitely cute enough to wear at non-festival events, as well!