Friday, July 4, 2008

Shortest Post EVER

Since it's a holiday and all, today's beauty product review will be posted with little verbage and hyperbole. I know, that's very unlike me, but it is a ravishingly gorgeous day and you should all be outside enjoying it. Not sitting around the blogosphere reading my random musings.

So! New product! Garnier Nutritioniste Skin Renew Overnight Regenerating Cream:

Pros: Smells delish, makes my skin feel very soft but not greasy, tingles just a bit to let you know it's working, generous tube for the price - $12 plus tax. Plus Sarah Jessica Parker uses it, so how can it be bad?

Cons: A little light on the moisturizing side (I had to put extra on my crow's feet), doesn't have ingredients that I recognize as good for my skin (like Retinol), and isn't a serum. Not that the lack of serum makes it necessarily bad, I just was in the mood for a skin serum, and I couldn't find one I like in my price range.
Yes, I can TOO be in the mood for a serum. Why do you think that's strange?

On the whole, it's too early to say if the Cream works, but it's pleasant to use and fairly inexpensive.

Now! Stop reading and go play outside. Have a hot dog while you're at it. And Happy Fourth Of July people!



Piú giú, in fondo alla Tuscolana...!?...passavo per un saluto!

Bionic Beauty said...

Good to know your thoughts! I think I have a sample coming in the mail (if it finds me), so hopefully I will get to try it out too. :)

And yes, you can SO be in the mood for a serum!! I'll back ya up on that.

Dad said...

Uh, I think the spelling is verbiage.