Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Rule And A Clarification

Just when you thought I was done... more rules! Comin' attacha! Jump back! Sorry, I've had WAY too much caffeine this morning. Anyhoodle, here they are:

Rule Number 11: On occassion, my friends and family members will ask me to purchase items for them (albeit rarely my family; usually it's the other way around with them), when they are short of the necessary funds. I will continue to do this, because they pay me back, so it's like a loan. Bank of Cheap Chick, y'all.

Rule Number 12: This would be the aforementioned clarification - yes, my spending experiment DOES include travel. So yes, I cannot buy a plane ticket (unless I cash in my mileage) for one whole year. Road trips, though, are still fine. Just as long as I have some place to crash when I get there, and I only buy $20 of gas at a time. So crack open those sleeper sofas, I'm coming to town! Just like Santa, but without the presents.


Army Girl said...

Wow, thank goodness your experiment ends next Aug., otherwise it would be hard to fit you in my luggage for the trip to Ireland in November.

The Cheap Chick said...

That is assuming, of course, I've made enough and saved enough money to actually go. Which, given my present employment sitch, is not likely!