Friday, January 11, 2008

Lookin' For Love

(Above: And I found it with this black suede and leather purse, and this silver and pearl triple-strand necklace.)

Consignment Tip Of The Day: The sale at Nu Look continues. Everything in the store is AT LEAST 50% until Monday. Bonus Tips: Oodles of ideas from readers like you. Thanks for the help, folks!

Tip For Tomorrow: Having fun with the Fun Sisters. They are at their boutique on Nicollet today until January 13th, so get in your car and go NOW. Work can wait, the Sisters can’t.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: Few words give me greater joy than ‘50% off everything.’ I guess ‘more hot fudge on that?’ or ‘Clive Owen wants to marry you’ would come pretty close. But a sale brings a song to my heart like nothing else.

Therefore, I am thrilled anew every six months when Nu Look Consignment has their bi-annual clearance sale. Every second Thursday in January and July, Nu Look marks down all of their clothing, shoes, purses, jewelry to 50% off. Some items are as low as 75% off, which is just another way of saying FREE.

The sale starts Thursday morning at 9 AM, and the store is packed all day long. Parking is lacking, so be prepared to squeeze in on a side street and walk. If you feel a mite peckish during the day, there are many restaurants in the vicinity, including the awe-inspiring Broder’s Southside Pasta Bar. Yum.

If you didn’t make it to Nu Look yesterday, don’t fear. The sale runs all weekend long, and there are still scads of deals to be had. The items that don’t sell by store-close on Sunday remain 50% (until someone buys them, of course), but come Monday (it’ll be alright) they’ll start loading the racks with the new-to-you spring merchandise. And the spring stuff is NOT 50%; it is just the regular ole SUPER CHEAP consignment price. Oh, the horror.

When I was there yesterday, I found the aforementioned purse and necklace. The purse is genuine leather (and yes, I do burst into song whenever I type/say that – damn Oklahoma!) for only $12.00. The necklace is silver and pearl, and is quite heavy for its size. Which means it is good quality. Or does that only apply to fruit… Anyway, I got it for $5.

I also found cute Nike sneakers for just $24, but they were over my $20 marker so I sadly set them back. Some other size 6.5 will have to give them a good home for me.

Where To Shop: Nu Look is located on the corner of West 50th and Penn Avenue in southwest Minneapolis. If you are not from MN, and are planning a summer vacation here, try scheduling it around that second weekend in July. A Nu Look sale is not to be missed.

Readers’ Tips: What you crazy kids are talking about.
1. From George – She wrote this; “buying day old bread loaves from Jimmy Johns for $0.50 each. It’s exactly what they use for their sub sandwiches. I used most of it yesterday to make bread pudding and will probably make bread crumbs from the rest. And since you (The Cheap Chick) don’t necessarily cook/bake, for the price of 1-2 sandwiches there, you could get 3-4 sandwiches using the bread and buying the other fixings from the store.”
2. From JBJerke – This thrifty reader wrote in about the sales at ARC Value Village; “This thrift store, along with helping fund programs for people with disabilities, is truly a value thrift store. Like Savers they feature a color tag special of the week and you can buy items for as low as nineteen cents! Even better, when they switch out items with the season they feature a half-price store wide sale.”
3. Mom’s Cindy – She sent me this note: “By the way, I’ve just discovered Sam's Club. Norbert (her husband, yes that’s his real name) and I bought some tires there last week. In addition to a good price on the tires, we received a $60 Sam's Club gift card for each set of 4 tires we purchased. We bought two sets. They carry a nice selection of well-rated tires (Consumer's Reports).”
4. The last word is from Larue – She writes, “For those parents out there wanting to buy their kids cute shoes (particularly European shoes) the Shoe Zoo at 3146 Hennepin Ave. S ( 612-823-3988 is having its winter sale, where everything is 15-60% off. 1/3 - 1/20.”


Larue said...

Wookin per Nub....

I love your purse. I am mad you found it first. But I will get over it.

Nu Look is fab. I got a pair of Long & Lean jeans for S for $4.00, and a Gap kids skirt for S for $2.50. I got a Lane Bryant shirt for $4.00. Woot!

And Fun Sisters ROCKS. Like on a RAWK kind of level.

Michelle said...

Super cute purse! Thanks for the tip. I haven't been to Nu Look. I'll have to check it out.

Mrs. G. said...

Thanks for all the great tips...and I hope Clive Owen calls.

Tiff said...

Your blog is great. I know this is shocking, but I know of all of those places. Let's go to Stillwater and fun sisters next time it is open! We can do lunch. Let me know!