Thursday, March 6, 2008

Behold! Three More Reasons Why Winter Sucks.

Those are just a few of the shoes I can’t wear without suffering from extreme frostbite.

Above top: pewter sandals from Target
Above middle: black strappy clogs from Herberger’s
Above lower: brown strappy sandals from Payless

Tip Of The Day: I want, I NEED to wear sandals! My feet long to be freed from the constraints of socks and closed-toe shoes. Where to go to get a jump-start on your spring shoe shopping.

Tip For Tomorrow: I investigate a few reader’s tips, plus a reminder of a BIG event this weekend.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: As I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, I love shoes. Nay, I am OBSESSED by shoes. Can you blame me? No matter how big my booty gets, shoes always fit. And they never make me look fat.

The only drawback to my shoe love is the seasonality of them. In other words, you can’t wear strappy sandals in the dead of winter. And around here, the dead of winter lasts until May. MAY. THAT’S TWO WHOLE MONTHS AWAY.

Pictured above is just a sampling of the shoes denied to me until our fair state thaws out. The silver ones I just bought at Target, Mossimo brand, for $17.99 (full price, but I couldn’t resist). The black pair is from Herberger’s summer clearance sale last fall.

A word on Herberger’s shoe clearance sales – and that word is WOW. Their clearance prices are by far the best you will find at any department store. Better than Macy’s, better than JCPenney’s, better than Nordstrom, better than DSW. The prices for shoes sold during the end-of-season clearance sales are SICK. Those clogs were originally $70, and I got them for $14. And they were one of the more expensive pairs available.

The brown sandals I got two summers ago at Payless. I love Payless for cute, inexpensive, super-trendy summer shoes. Why pay a bunch of money on something that will only be in season for one year? Although, I do think that those sandals I got are pretty classic. Not to mention, REALLY comfortable.

Here is what I’m eye-balling at Payless for this year: Granted, they’re too expensive NOW, but Payless’s shoes go on sale all the time. For example, they are having their Easter sale as I type.

At Target, I am coveting these: Once again, I can’t buy them today, but they WILL go on sale. Just like night follows day, and winter follows road construction, shoes going on sale at Target is inevitable.

If you like my silver sandals, but need them in black, here you go:

Another fabulous place to find cute, inexpensive sandals is Don’t forget to factor in the shipping cost when you’re shopping, but if you spend over $50, shipping is FREE. And FREE is BEST.

I desperately want these: Aren’t they sexy? Wouldn’t my feet look AWESOME?

User Tip: if you are shopping on, remember these steps. First, click on the pair of shoes you like, to get more information. Second, once you are on the main page for that particular pair of shoes, click on the Enlarge button. It’s the only way to get a decent picture of the shoes – so you can actually SEE what you are buying.

So go out there and buy yourself a little happiness for springtime! It’s especially appropriate this weekend, as we are all “Springing Forward” on Saturday night. I hate Daylight Savings – I never like to lose time, even if it is only one hour. But the extra sunshine will be lovely. Now, if it would just get warmer…


LaRue said...

See, you make me feel like I am not upholding the Girly Code. That I don't have nearly enough shoes. (Which I don't.) I own nothing in gold, OR silver. (Except my flats that are EXACTLY the same, just brown with gold buckles and black with silver buckles. And I did wear one of each pair one day WITHOUT EVEN NOTICING.)

Of course I generally start throwing caution to the wind in April and go without socks. No wonder I can't feel my feet anymore...

Also! You can go into the store, try on pairs, and then buy them online at or even eBay for less money. It requires an extra shopping trip, but really, whats the big deal? More shopping, I say!

And I seriously think we need to do a "research" trip for your blog to the candy factory.

LaRue said...

NO! We should do PIE!

standing still said...

I am so glad you bought the silver sandels. I checked them out on a recent trip to Target, and I heartily approve. Your feet look amazing, too. Careful of the foot fetish people out there ....

justme_fromhere said...

My daughters and I are serious shoe-a-holics. In fact, I bought one daughter a calendar with 366 days of different shoes pictures, thinking it might be enjoyable and cut her buying. Her BF says it will make her want more shoes.

I also usually buy inexpensive shoes if they are "trendy."

My tip: If I find a pair of shoes that I really love and are really comfy, and classic, I try to go find another exact pair to put away for when the first pair wears out, which they inevitably will, or when the new dog uses them in place of rawhide (good thing the dog is cute). You have to figure this out fairly quickly, as many shoes are only on the market a short time.

BellaNikkita said...

Dear CC,
I loved those shoes at so much (the patent tan with the tortoise heel) that I bought them. They should arrive this week. I think you should get them while they are still on sale! Oh, and please don't post any more adorable shoes because I don't need any more!!