Friday, March 7, 2008

You Can Never Be Too Cheap Or Too Fabulous

As for too rich or too thin? Sooooo overrated.

Tip Of The Day: Thrifty things to do this weekend, plus a reminder of what I’m doing tomorrow at the Mall Of America. Because I know you care. Deeply. Right?

Tip For Tomorrow: If you are a buyer without an agent, do my fellow Realtors a favor and hit some Open Houses this weekend. Be nice, they’re working their butts off out there.

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: I continue to get lovely tips from you guys; either sent to my e-mail address (see it there? on the right?) or left as a Comment. I decided to do a little digging into some of these tips, and here is the lowdown on stuff to do, online stores to check out, and a cool product you can try.

From my friend Swimmer’s friend Stacy (yeah, that’s a hard one to follow) comes this great suggestion for one of my favorite places – the library:
“We use the library to check out their Book Club In A Bag. They provide everything for your book club and you just have to check it out and return it within four weeks (I think).”
The bag includes 10 copies of the book to read, and a notebook filled with the author’s bio, questions to ask the club (about the book, not like Truth or Dare or anything weird), and even a tracking sheet, so you know who has which copy of the book. Check out your library’s web site to see which books they are featuring.
Oddly enough, the bag does NOT include the two most important things a book club needs: gallons of wine and fattening snacks. I guess that’s asking too much of our library system’s budget.

Michelle left the following recommendation in the Comments section. If you want more of Michelle, (and really, who doesn’t?) her blog is over there on the right – Fashion Michelle. Because she is quite fashionable.
“Have you checked out ReWind Vintage? (It) is one of the best Vintage stores in the Twin Cities. Really good selection and great prices, too.”
Best of all? ReWind is mere steps away from the world’s greatest bakery, Sarah Jane’s. Snacks and cool/cheap clothes, what more could you ask for? Naked pictures of George Clooney? Okay, that would be nice, too.
Go here: for more information.

Miss Mia leaves tons of awesome tips, not to mention links to cute shoes, in the Comments section. Here are two tips that stood out: has very cheap used books (you buy direct from the seller) - it can be as low as 75 cents for many popular titles. If you are looking for multiple items, it may be worth it to look at the bigger sellers and combine shipping at media mail rate (if you can wait a week or two).”
I checked out the site, and here is the skinny. It’s an off-shoot of eBay (which we love), focusing on media – books, music, movies, and video games. They even have textbooks and game systems for less. So if you are a media hound like me (no, not whore, and how dare you?), this is the site for you.
Find it at:

Mia’s other great tip involves one of my favorite things – food. She reminds us to check out that perennially college-kid favorite, Happy Hour. What a great way to chow down for less at your favorite bar. Mia mentioned McCormick and Schmick’s amazingly low-priced Happy Hour as the one to beat.
McCormick and Schmick’s has a $1.95-$3.95 Happy Hour menu. Mussels, fish tacos, ½ lb. burgers, oysters and brushetta are among their menu offerings. You do have to order a drink or two, but still, it’s not a bad deal.”
And if ordering a drink (or two) is the only penalty to access this awesome food, count me in. Go here to see the latest and greatest menu:

If you have a head cold, or are addicted to Vick’s VapoRub like this next reader, do we have the product for you! Parker’s mom, Rachel, (a Vick’s-o-holic) recommends the SudaCare Shower Soothers Vaporizing Shower Tablets.
Although they aren’t made by Vick’s, nor are they VapoRub, the Soothers still contain that oddly appealing mix of camphor, menthol and eucalyptus. Drop one tablet on the floor of your (running) shower, and breathe in the relief. Or, if you are like me, gag at the smell. Sorry Rachel, I'm not a Vick's fan. But hey! Others are!
They cost around $5 for a box of three, and if you have a jonesing for Vapo, have at it.

Our last tip comes from Nancy Magsig, a representative from
“We’re all about providing ideas, inspiration, giggles and gifts to help women celebrate every day.”
They are also about having an on-line store that KICKS ASS. Seriously, I want one of everything from their shop. And almost all of their stuff (T-shirts, jewelry, kitchen/home/bath products) is under $20. It’s like they designed the store with me in mind. And I say, THANK YOU.
Of course, the item I want the most is $30: So someone should really buy it for me as a gift. HINT.

Last, but never the least, I need to remind everyone of my big event this weekend. I am marching in the JRA March at the Mall of America tomorrow morning. And when I say morning, I mean MORNING. LIKE 7:30 AM. UGH. But, it’s for the very best cause, so I am actively sucking it up and dealing.
If you would like more info about the March, go here: And thank you to everyone who donated. My joints thank you as well.


LaRue said...

I really am quite disappointed. That link you had on the blog didn't have a single naked picture of George Clooney. Really.

I am rather fond of Mentholatum (sp?) myself. Brings back fond childhood memories. Of course, so does Emeraude perfume, which my Mom wore all the time. Which smells a bit like the Mentolatum. (Love you Mom!)

You go girl at the march tomorrow. I have donated, and if you see the Big E, please say hello for me.

Norwego said...

I have a tip that you will probably need after your walk!

Remember when I asked if you could research cheap and/or free massages, other than Aveda Institute (aka, cattle call)? I found this school located on the U of M campus:
Center Point Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School and Clinc.
They have a student run clinic where you can get a 1 hour massage for only $35 bucks. That's cheap! Appointments are available Friday evenings, Saturdays, and sometimes on Sunday:

I have yet to find a place where you can get FREE massages, but I won't lose hope.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the shout-out and the awesome tips! I love the Book Club in a Bag one. I hope your work went well. 7:30am? Yuck. That is early. :)

mia said...

Thanks for the mention, and I hope the march went well!