Monday, March 10, 2008

Even Colder Quickie

Above: See that smile on my face? That smile is a LIE. A LIE, I TELL YOU. Who can be that happy in all this cold air?

It's days like today when I question my decision to remain in Minnesota. Yes, it is an extremely frugal state, which appeals to my cheap soul. Yes, it is the birthplace of Target, the greatest store on earth. And yes, (most importantly, I guess) it is where my friends and my Ma live.

But this cold weather is starting to make me a tiny-bitty-small-amount crazy. It's 14 degrees out. 14 DEGREES. That's Fahrenheit, in case you were wondering.

I shouldn't complain, though. Tomorrow it's supposed to get up to a whoppin' 42 degrees. Yee-friggin'-haw.



Ben said...

The diversity in temperatures makes you appreciate the decent temps even more in my opinion! 40 degrees will feel great tomorrow! 60 will feel even better a month from now! Then 80? Woo Ha!

Heck, I'd rather complain about the temperature (and piddly snow that comes with it) than complain about earthquakes (CA), constant rain (WA), tornados (KS), Nor'Easters (MA), the heat (AZ), hurricanes (FL), or lack of seasons (HI).

Anonymous said...

I am ejoying your blog daily. The sad thing is that I don't want everyone to find my bargain spots because then things get picked over.

Larue said...

I agree with Ben, although I firmly plan on being a snowbird as soon as I hit AARP age. Perhaps even sooner! I will gleefully drive my very large Cadillac down to Arizona every winter while I dine at only the finest of buffets, and spend my spare time sitting by the pool, reading trashy novels. Sounds like heaven.

I will, however, not wear any double-knit polyester, or anything made with elastic waists other than yoga pants. I will continue to maintain a fashionable existence, even when driving at 25mph with my seat so far forward I can rest my chin on the steering wheel.