Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Two-fer Tuesday, The Ending

Tip Of The Day: My love for the shiny object is no secret. But do you know what KIND of shiny objects I love the best? FREE is always good, it’s true.
But my favorite type of shiny object is the fake engagement/wedding ring. Especially since no one has stepped up with a real one yet.

Tip For Tomorrow: How they were cheap in the olden days. Stop by and check out the frugal lifestyle books (from the 60’s-70’s!) that Lou gave me. Thanks, Lou!

Further Elucidation Of My Cheap Deal: As you know, I’m not married. And the way things are going, not likely to be any time soon. However, there are times when a gal needs the appearance of having a man. When a shiny bauble can scare off unwanted attention.

In short, I often sport a fake wedding ring to make it look like I’m married. Sad, but true.

Why, you ask? Because when I’m working, I need people to take me seriously and NOT hit on me. Not that I’m saying I’m hit on all the time – please, I’m not THAT full of myself. Honest.

But when I’m teaching a real estate class, or working with a new client, I don’t want them to think of me as an available woman, but as a Diehard Professional. You know, strong and smart and dedicated to the cause and all that. For some reason, being unmarried makes me appear less like a professional and more like a hoochie.

It’s that, or my personality. I’m going with the lack of wedding ring. Thanks.

Also? People are very judgmental of a woman in her thirties who is unmarried. Clearly I must be defective, or I’d be married by now. Some lucky fella would have snatched me right up if I was so crazy/mean/ugly/generally unlovable.

Don’t believe me? Here are just a few of the questions relative strangers have asked me about my unwed status:
1. Why not? You aren’t ugly or anything? Umm, thanks.
2. Is it because you’re afraid to commit? How the heck would I know? I’ve never had the chance.
3. Geez, you must be really picky? Yes, yes I am.
4. Are you gay? No, but there’s nothing wrong with being gay. I’m just not.
5. No man will have you, huh? Yeah, and that just breaks me up inside.

Anyway, back to the shiny object. I’m always on the look-out for cool new fake engagement rings, and I found the very best one at Lia Sophia. There was just tiny catch – it cost more than $20.

But there’s a relatively easy solution –host a Lia Sophia party. You get all sorts of freebies and discounts, like 20 to 40% your purchase.

I had a party at work today, which allowed me to purchase this ring for just $15. ROCK ON.

With this ring, I thee wed.

If you’d like to have a Lia Sophia Jewelry Party of your VERY OWN, go here:

Or e-mail me, and I’ll send you the name of my Lia Sophia consultant. Because I'm AWESOME like that.


Amy the Mom said...

Hmmm...I have a great friend/past client who lives in Woodbury, works for 3M, 45, never married, REALLY tall, awesome sense of humor, attractive, homeowner, would love to find the right girl, etc. etc.

I could always make an introduction!

Meg Tredinnick said...

Ooh I love that ring!! I'd wear it as my real ring:) I was just thinking about you today as I was getting $60 of free stuff from hosting a Pampered Chef party. Hosting retail parties is the best way to go:)

Anonymous said...

I sense that we need to have a Minneapolis blogger ladies night out so that amy the mom can bring a photo of the hot 3M guy and we can all vote.

LaRue said...

I agree with Standing Still. When is the party, Chick?

Nikki said...

I'm happy to know I'm not the only thirty-something single girl who wears fake rings. I usually just lie about my age so people leave me alone. :)

Lou said...


I loved your segment! Every one is looking better! You are the 'hot' cheap chick! I'm excited to read your post tomorrow. God Bless!

enry the 1st (I am) said...

Bad day sweety? need a shoulder to slide into to feel safe.
Ladies, You have to know what kind of guy she needs, 3m office boy ain't it, (hope I'm not offending anyone, just my attempt at witting wording)
She is looking for someone Self-employed, confident in what he does but still very humble, someone who used to dress up as the Court Jester at the Ren fest in the earlier years, now dresses as King Henry at the Ren fest (only with manners and a sense of friggin humor).
Someone playful, yet strong.
Someone with the same interests,
Creativity is huge for this chick.
She needs to be the light in someones eye (and visa versa) but yet have the freedom to be who she is and the freedom to be with friends and feel safe about her love. (She also likes guys that puts words in quotes like she does, always a side bar). She wants a professional by day and a fun loving boy - friend/lover at night, someone she can feel gitty with (Also Looks hot in jeans with his pressed shirt from Steve & Barrys that he got for $8 (approx.) but just cause it looks good on him, not cause of the price),

Let me know if i'm wrong chick, cause I happen to know this guy, he is a........ "Friend" ya, thats it, "A Friend" of mine.
I bet he will even come model for you and your freinds on girls night.
*Chick, if sounds good and I'll e-mail my....I mean his info, maybe a cup of something quick somewhere (somewhere public of course, just in case you turn out to be some kind of whacko, I can at least have witnesses).

Ladies, while I was writing this a freind of mine (the one thats been bugging me to write TCC for weeks now because "You two would be perfect together" "E-mail her" "............." anyway, now she is happy too.) she was asking me, Who do you thinks needs to be loved more, men or women?? topic for your party.

PS not REALLY tall, 5'11, so if thats a problem, not something I can grow into.

Long worded, Me? sound familiar?